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Colm Ahern

2 days ago

6 days ago

Feature: The brave and the bald

Celebrate slapheads by watching this week’s Mystery Steam Reviews

Ian Hitman is arguably the greatest bald video game protagonist of all time. He makes his smooth skull work for him like few others. He even has a barcode on the back of his head to draw attention to it, the absolute ledge.Because Hitman 3 is on the horizon, and we waxed lyrical about the first two Hitman 3 levels on this week's episode of…

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1 week ago

Feature: Hands. Games. Space

The top 10 games on PC in January

Thank Christ 2020 is over. While we'll be able to regale our grandkids with stories about toilet roll shortages and incompetent governments, last year would've been better if we were able to just do the things we'd all been planning to do. However, now that we're a couple weeks into the new year, we know that things didn't drastically change at the stroke of midnight…

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2 weeks ago

Feature: The gang's all here

Let’s remember 2020 in this week’s Mystery Steam Reviews

During this week's episode of The PC Gaming Weekspot, we said goodbye to the absolute bin of a year that was 2020, as we looked to the future and chatted about all the games we'll be playing throughout 2021.However, given that 2020 is pretty fresh in our minds, we thought we had a better chance of looking very clever if we focused on games that…

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Feature: Kept you playing, huh?

Have You Played… Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes?

I was so disappointed the first time I saw the credits roll in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. I'd heard it was short before I booted it up, but I don't think I knew how short. Where were my oddly-timed codec conversations about how Jack met Rose? Why didn't I have to climb a giant ladder while an acapella version of the theme faintly…

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Feature: Hitman with his killing stick

Have You Played… Hitman 2?

Obviously, it's wonderful when you plan out airtight approaches and execute them without breaking a sweat, but that isn't true joy. Hitman happiness is found in plan B, when you have to react to the mistakes you've made and the situations you've put Agent 47 in. Sure, being spotted by someone and discovering that your only defence is a squeaky toy you've stuffed into your…

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Feature: Just my Hulk

Have You Played… Prototype 2?

The only reason I know the name of Prototype 2’s protagonist (Sgt. James… hang on, let me be sure… yeah, Sgt. James Heller) is because I just Googled it. I think the story involved the playable goodie from the first game turning bad and infecting people with some type of supervillian zombie disease. Also your wife… and daughter (?) are dead.

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3 weeks ago

Feature: DJ Hero, too

The best game you missed in November 2020: Fuser

I'll always make it my business to check out a game if music is meaningfully integrated. From Crypt Of The NecroDancer's beat-hopping and Vib-Ribbon's path-generating, to the Rock Bands and DJ Heros that clogged up all of our attics with plastic instruments, I love it all. Well... not all. I don't need to tell you that Harmonix are the superstars of this world. They're the…

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4 weeks ago

Feature: Santa Gabey

Get jolly by watching Mystery Steam Reviews: Christmas / Snowy Edition

The best thing about this festive season is that it means the hell year of 2020 is almost over, and we can all run into the warm embrace of 2021... because 2021 is guaranteed to be better, isn't it? Like, straight away. Anyway, before the big red home invader comes down your chimney, The Weekspot Boys are here to give you an early festive gift…

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Feature: Your recap of the last 12 months in PC video gaming

The Weekspot podcast: The Spotty Awards 2020

I'm pretty confident that all developers that released a game in 2020 would see that as their proudest moment. Just launching a video game during a pandemic is an incredible achievement. However, the second proudest moment for them, of course, is being recognised at the most flash and prestigious video games awards ceremony of the year: The Spotty Awards!

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1 month ago

Feature: Cyberpunch-Out!!

Jack in to watch this cyberpunk edition of Mystery Steam Reviews

It's pretty hard to jack out, isn't it? Cyberpunk 2077 is everywhere you turn. Whether its stories about CD Projekt Red's bonus system or an overabundance of dildos, the biggest game of the year has been dominating The Video Games Discussion.Naturally enough, The Weekspot Boys are riding that wave, so grab that cable that's coming out of your head and stick it into the USB…

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Feature: Rushing dolls

Have You Played… Stacking?

In Stacking, you're too small to do what you need to do. You can often be two or three people too small. To solve the game's puzzles, you're forced to assume the identities of some bigger people by donning their wooden skin. It sounds a little like a Castor Troy wet dream, but it's much sweeter than anything that fella thinks of when he goes…

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Feature: Not JUST Cyberpunk 2077!

The Weekspot Podcast: Cyberpunk 2077 reviewed and The Game Awards 2020 recapped

I get it. Every article, podcast and video revolves around one topic and you're almost at breaking point. But... if you're not there yet, then listen to this episode of The PC Gaming Weekspot! The Big Game is indeed a big game, so there's a lot to say about Cyberpunk 2077.

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Feature: Cave story

Have You Played… Far Cry Primal?

I'm a sucker for Far Cry's charismatic bad guys. Since Far Cry 3, Ubisoft has obviously been aiming to write villians that thrill and terrify in equal measure, but with the stone-age Far Cry Primal they weren't as concerned about handsome, hypnotic lunatics, or superforeigners that were here to save the day via a never-ending stream of bullets. To my eyes, at least, they wanted…

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Feature: The Fallout

We got the bad ending in this RPG-flavoured Mystery Steam Reviews

Because of all the Dragon Age 4 and BioWare talk over the last week, we thought we'd challenge each other on western RPGs in this week's Mystery Steam Reviews.Little did we know — and as Matthew correctly identified on this week's episode of The PC Gaming Weekspot — we definitely made a few wrong choices and got the bad ending in this.

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Feature: The Signing of Isaac

The Weekspot Podcast: We cast the Metal Gear Solid movie and chat Life is Strange devs’ latest

As you found out last week, we here at Rock Paper Shotgun have launched the RPS Podcast Network (two podcasts definitely means we have a network now). While the Electronic Wireless Show offers you some wonderful takes and japes that centre on one particular topic in video games, The PC Gaming Weekspot is your recap of the last seven days in PC gaming.

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2 months ago

Feature: Immortals Fenyx Rising! Unto The End! That other one I've forgotten the name of!

The top 10 games on PC in December

I come to you today with important news: there is in fact more than one video game out this month.Yes, that one video game is quite a biggie, and it's definitely the one most will be picking up this December, but that doesn’t mean everyone is champing at the bit to play it. Maybe you’re not interested in the Deus Extra RPG that is Cyberpunk…

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Feature: Pick a plate that's new

Mystery Steam Reviews is going to make you hungry this week

While most of us on this side of the world will be waiting a few weeks to crack open the boxes of biscuits, our American cousins had their big food day last week.So, in tribute to The Land Of The Full and their recent holiday, we’ve made ourselves both very hungry and awfully thirsty by focusing on games that involve food and drink for this…

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