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Matt Cox

2 weeks ago

Runeterra’s upcoming update will give you more free cards

When Runeterra launched in January, it was already more generous than many other multiplayer card games. You could unlock plenty of cards by playing, and even make sure you unlocked cards from your choice of faction - so I'm surprised to see developers Riot are going to start handing out even more. Once the March 31st update to lands, your Weekly Vault will contain more…

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Valve explain how Half-Life: Alyx streamers can give spectators a smoother view

Right now, this very second, Graham is writing up wot he thinks of Half-Life: Alyx. The thing, it is real. If you own cybergoggles, you'll be able to play it yourself from 5pm British time. If you don't own VR kit and want to watch a friend or an amiable internet personality play, though, Valve have released some handy tips for streamers and spectators. They…

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Have You Played… Into The Breach?

I shouldn't have sent my mech into the earthquake zone. It was a stupid decision, induced by a greedy desire to punch another bug and scrounge a few extra drops of XP. I hadn't ignored the risks, I'd just overlooked them. I'd left myself a turn to escape before the tiles plunged away, and the only insect left on the board was tucked into a…

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The Sunday Papers

Sundays are for staying at home. Now that I am once again the proud owner of a functional clavicle, they're also for reading the best writing about videogames. Sorry about the break! For Vice, Duncan Fyfe looked into how Mastermind, a childhood board game I remember playing at my Grandma's, was sold as a sexy distraction from "the many abuses of 'big' governments". Fyfe's piece…

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3 weeks ago

Gabe Newell says brain-computer interfaces will be an “extinction-level event” for entertainment

In a rare interview, Gabe Newell has said he's been spending "a lot of time" looking into brain-computer interfaces. "The Matrix is a lot closer than people think", he says, and it's going to be "an extinction-level event for every entertainment form that's not thinking about this." He also talks about Half-life: Alyx, his fondness for Doom, and why he can't stop playing Dota 2.

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Exit The Gungeon rolls out to PC

It is time to Exit The Gungeon. Please form an orderly queue, there are plenty of bullets to go around. Exit The Gungeon is a side-on platforming spin off from Dodge Rolls' shootey roguelike Enter The Gungeon. A mobile version came out on Apple Arcade back in September, but last night it escaped to Steam, too. I've played a little and enjoyed destroying sentient bullets…

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Feature: Absolutely gorious

Doom Eternal review

Doom Eternal sucks in the whole of you. Fights plunge you into flow states. They send you wading through demonic maelstroms of gristle and gore. You twist and jump and dash, punching, shooting and chainsawing every Cacodemon that should know better than to cross you. I've danced the bloody ballets of hell and beyond, and I've returned to tell you: they are dazzling. It's a…

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Bethesda didn’t want Doom Eternal to include deathmatch “just for the sake of doing it”

When Doom Eternal comes out on Friday, it won't include a deathmatch mode. The series that invented multiplayer deathmatch has done away with straight up murder competitions, because, according to Bethesda vice president Pete Hines, "that mode is eons old". "I don't know what that has to do with [Doom] other than that, well, a couple of decades ago we had that, so we should…

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Donate processing power to help find a treatment for Covid-19

If you want to help stop the spread of Covid-19, wash your hands. Follow medical advice. If you want to help some more, though, it wouldn't hurt to chuck some of your processing power at protein modelling. Folding@home is a program that let's you do exactly that: analysing protein structures to find potential "druggable sites". I won't pretend to fully understand the science, but I…

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4 weeks ago

Hades Nighty Night update includes punchy gloves and a tiny rat

Grecian roguelike Hades has taken one more step towards leaving early access hell. The Nighty Night update came out last night, unleashing some new spikey gloves, a trip to a library, and a tiny, evil, rat. There's loads more besides, but that new weapon, the Twin Fists of Malphon, is the highlight. I am looking forward to punching small malevolent rodents.

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2 months ago

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The Sunday Papers

Sundays are for joining the bourgeoi-ski in Austria. Here's the best writing about videogames from the past week, which will hopefully keep until I'm back. For TechRadar, Vic Hood spoke with the inventors of Simlish. She even spoke Simlish with the inventors of Simlish, which is delightful to imagine. As are the many hours the inventors originally spent angrily gibbering about wine.

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Feature: Top stabbing

Elderborn is a melee combat game with a liberal dollop of dashing

An arrow is flying at my face, but it's more of an opportunity than a problem. I swat it out the air, dash forward, and crush the skeletal archer with one swift counterstrike. His mummy friend comes leaping at me, scythes flailing, but I'm already dodging to the side, charging up a heavy attack and bringing my spear down on the space I just occupied.…

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Wargroove has added a new cooperative campaign for free

It takes two to war-tango. Turn-based tactics 'em up Wargroove has popped out its free Double Trouble DLC, whisking you and friend away for a big fantasy heist. You can still play by yourself if you don't have a partner in crime, though it has been designed with friendship in mind. It'd be like rocking up to a Ferris wheel by yourself, the experience diminished…

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Nab board games Carcassonne and Ticket To Ride free from the Epic Game Store

Board games don't belong on computers. They're a refuge from the screens that bore into our eyeballs and our lives, a chance to bask in the musky glow of fleshy humans. But sometimes those humans are far away, and sometimes stores give digitised board games away for free. The Epic Games Store is handing out the tile-laying town-planning sheep-appreciating Carcassonne, along with the railway-building Ticket…

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