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Katherine Cross

Cibele Is A Love Letter To MMO Communities

An auto-biographical romance.


Into The Black Closet

Remaking High School Experiences


5 years ago

Feature: An auto-biographical romance.

Cibele Is A Love Letter To MMO Communities

Long before always-online games and mass multiplayer became the norm, MMOs were seedbeds of sociologically fascinating interactions among players. The base game was always a digital sandbox; empty cities, towns, and fields built from the ground up around the assumption that the players would fill them with requisite life. In the process, elegant spider webs of informal community became the norm, a glittering metagame linking…

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Feature: Remaking High School Experiences

Into The Black Closet

As I send Alberta to detention and arm one of my subordinates with a baseball bat to ensure she’s maximally intimidating, a thought intrudes on the tightly focused stream of calculations and strategizing that defined my time with Black Closet [official site]: “Is this really what my ideal high school experience looks like?”For the trans woman who plays games like this or Gone Home there’s…

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