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Dan Grill

9 years ago

Feature: City of Heroes Interview

The MMOnitor: City Of Heroes

The MMOnitor is a new series in which we ask the developers of various MMOs to explain what is going on with their game, and what that means within the wider context of the MMO. We're kicking off with an interview with City of Heroes' Brian Clayton, Studio Director and Executive Producer. City of Heroes went free recently in the Freedom update.

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Feature: If you go down to the woods today

The New World: Salem Explained

Salem is an intriguing little idea, a cutesy co-operative crafting MMO reminiscent of Wurm Online. Like many of Paradox's GamesCom announcements, it seemed to be at a very early stage of development, so we caught up with the Creative Director Bjorn Johannessen to find out more about it.[Roving reporter Dan Griliopoulos started transcribing this one whilst staring at the waters of Lake Garda (hating himself…

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Feature: Mushrooms for breakfast

Nuclear Dawn review

Frankly, to classify Nuclear Dawn without going “it’s a bit like X” would take a paragraph. Instead, I'm going to propose a simple classification system, to do away with the frankly amazing bollocks that are the arbitrary genres we impose now, in favour of a more rational, long-winded bollocks. On the basis of my revolutionary & hubristic system, Nuclear Dawn is as follows:Science-fiction*Multiplayer*((topdown*strategy)xor(first-person*shooter))or, shorter:SF*MP*((TD*ST)xor(FP*SH))

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Feature: Why can't hammers ever just talk things through?

Hands On: Warhammer: Wrath Of Heroes

You may remember that snuck into EA's Gamescom presentation was the news that there was to be a spin-off from their MMO, Warhammer Online, called Wrath Of Heroes. Focusing on three-sided arena battles, it's a free-to-play idea with its own look and feel. Needing to know more, we sent raving reporter, Dan Gril, to go take a look.

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Feature: Never Forget That Night In Oshur

Dancing To Different Beats: Planetside 2

We recently caught up with Matt Higby, Creative Director of Planetside 2. Read on for what he had to say about various aspects of the game world, the factions, and the game mechanics, including vehicle customisation, and Higby's penchant for griefing. And no, we didn't get that payment system stuff cleared up.

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Feature: Riot Games Interview

Defense Of The Questions: League of Legends

At GamesCom we had a talk with producer Travis George and designer Ryan Scott from League of Legends. Dan Griliopoulos was left feeling like the world's biggest doofus, for not having played their game and for having fallen behind on the special language employed in competitive gaming.

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Feature: With Playable Dog

Blue Blistering Bashi Bazouks: Tintin

Roving reporter Dan Griliopoulos is driving home from GamesCom, but he turned the wrong way at the Baltic. Today he's passing through Belgium.Belgium! Where the only heroes are fictional! Hercule Poirot, Tintin and... The Smurfs? Anyway, it's easy to sneer at Tintin; the plucky Belgian journalist went through an odd inception, passing quickly through the same facist, colonialist and racist phase as much literature of…

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Feature: Max Headroom LFG

Show Of Force: Defiance

Defiance is the next MMO from Trion Worlds. It's a sci-fi action MMO styled after their first game, Rift. But there's something even more weird about it: the game is going to be tied into a TV show running in parallel on the SyFy (hnngh) channel. We got to see what this cross-media complication actually means at Gamescom.[Roving reporter Dan Griliopoulos was left behind after…

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Feature: Coming Up Smelling

Kingdoms/Horses: War of the Roses Interview

Following on from our reveal of Paradox's "team-based multiplayer melee combat experience", the medieval horse-and-sword game War Of The Roses, our roving reporter Dan Griliopoulos interviewed the developers at GamesCom; when he wrote this, he was stuck in an open-top car on a motorway somewhere in Italy in 40 degree heat, transcribing furiously and dying of exposure. The interviewees are Martin Wahlund of developer Fatshark…

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Feature: A Spot Of Skiing

Perilous Parabolas: Tribes Ascend

Roving reporter Dan Griliopoulos has left Alec in Cologne and is heading deeper into Europe, writing up what the best of GamesCom as he goes. Next up is Hi-Rez Studios' Tribes reboot, Ascend.Switzerland may have been condemned memorably by Orson Welles as having “five hundred years of democracy and peace – and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock”, but (aside from the cuckoo clock…

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Feature: Cold War Served Hot

He Rues The Day: Wargame

Roving reporter Dan Griliopoulos has left Alec in Cologne and is heading deeper into Europe, writing up the best of Gamescom as he goes.We're driving through the Black Forest when my thoughts turn to Wargame: European Escalation. Germany's Schwarz Wald might be famous around the world solely as the origin of an outrageously opulent cherry cake – the schwarzwaldkirschetorte – but it's also at the…

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Feature: By Any Other Name, Not So Sweet

Paradox’s Project Posted: War Of The Roses

Apparently, Paradox CEO Fred Wester's dream game is Staffordshire, England. Or so you'd think from the very limited CGI trailer we've just been shown at GamesCom, which intones "Staffordshire, 1471" at its beginning and shows a Very Serious armour-clad Lord scowling as his horse climbs through a wood, scowling when he sees a castle under siege, and scowling as he raises his sword and…

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Feature: Jonathan Blow Talks Games, Books, Shadows

Coming to Blow’s: The Witness Interview

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, Master Jonathan Blow has achieved unexpected fame and fortune through the creation of a logistical contrivance called Braid. Glad of this success, he has travelled far from his native San Francisco to take lodgings in riotous London's Clerkenwell district, so that he might demonstrate his his newest invention - rudely entitled "The Witness" - to the skeptical souls of the old…

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Feature: The whole universe is in a glass of wine

The Witness: Hands On

In an antiquarian hotel room in London's historic Clerkenwell, Braid creator Jonathan Blow is shaking his shaven head. His laptop has decided it doesn't want to run The Witness, his new game and he's copying all the files over to his spare laptop. (If you want to know what it says about Blow that he's the sort of man who carries a spare laptop... go…

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Feature: Rage Against The Dying Of The Light

Rage: A Hands-On Preview

(Click the images in this feature for full sized shots.)I am a ark survivor! A proud child of the late Mother Earth, dispatched into hypersleep to escape the meteor inbound to pummel Gaia. Our deep-buried pod is one of hundreds of such! When we wake we will show that mankind has learnt from the mistakes we made on our original home. We shall spread enlightenment…

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Feature: The University Of Life

Interview: Tomb Raider’s Karl Stewart

Very much interested to find out more about the forthcoming Tomb Raider reboot, we sent intrepid, debonair reporter Dan Griliopoulos to interview the game's global brand manager, Karl Stewart. He tells us about the motivation for reinventing Lara, the reasons for quicktime events, and Lara's bookish ways.

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Feature: Back, Back! BACK!

The Return To Auraxis: Planetside 2

You know of the late lamented Corporal Smith’s exploits on the Planetside. All of us here at RPS are ragged veterans of those interminable wars, serving time in the forests of Foresal and missing drops on towers in the lost deserts of Oshur. It is with great trepidation (and after a phone interview with SOE Creative Director Matt Higby) that we can now reveal details…

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