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Joel Goodwin

The fallen price of indie games

How did they get so cheap, and should they cost more?


Recursed review

Rooms are items and items are rooms


4 years ago

Feature: How did they get so cheap, and should they cost more?

The fallen price of indie games

"It was obvious hours into launch that I'd messed up."In 2010, Terry Cavanagh released the platformer VVVVVV with a launch price of $15 but soon received complaints about it being priced too high. Kieron Gillen wrote in the RPS review of VVVVVV, "While I think it is worth the money, fifteen dollars does strike you as a lot for an indie lo-fi platformer.""I desperately wanted…

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Feature: Rooms are items and items are rooms

Recursed review

If you found Inception’s dream within a dream within a dream too difficult to follow, you’ll be hopeless at brain-shredding puzzle game Recursed by Portponky. In Recursed, you can easily find yourself inside a room inside a room inside a room... while, uh, carrying the room you’re in.If this sounds like your Möbius strip of tea, read on and I will tell you Wot I…

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6 years ago

Feature: Should I Spoil Or Should I Go?

Editorial: When Is It OK To Spoil A Mechanic?

Now and again, a game comes around whose experience is so vulnerable to spoiling, that it seems merely whispering a single detail could annihilate sales. Reviewers and enthusiasts who would ordinarily wax lyrical about a beloved game find themselves in the awkward position of trying to recommend the game without, uh, mentioning what it's about. You've probably heard of Alexander Martin's Starseed Pilgrim, right? Or…

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Feature: Ignominious Death

Quarries of Scred review

Back in 2009, Kieron Gillen foretold that someone, somewhere would punch Terry Cavanagh in the face for the notorious yet optional VVVVVV challenge of Veni Vidi Vici. I can see a similar punishment being doled out for developer “Noble Kale” for his game Quarries of Scred because almost every time I play, no matter how determined I am to win, it kills me with rocks.…

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7 years ago

Feature: Beyond The Joystick

Of Mice And Gamepads: The Future Of Controllers

If I’m going to be dull and reductive about it, playing videogames works like this: we tell a game something through an input device – say, a gamepad, motion contoller, touch screen or keyboard – and get a response back in the form of images or sound. It’s like a conversation, but it’s shaped by the devices we use to talk. Without the Wiimote, there…

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