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James Law

Spelunky 2 items guide - best items to buy from shopkeeper

Spelunky 2 has a load of items, new and old.

Spelunky 2: how to turn off 'always run'

Sometimes, speed is damaging.

3 days ago

Feature: Spelunky 2 has a load of items, new and old.

Spelunky 2 items guide – best items to buy from shopkeeper

Spelunky 2 will test your skill and patience, equipping you with nothing more than a whip, a few ropes, and a couple bombs. You’ll have the opportunity to pick up much more though, and some items are more useful than others.Here’s all the items in Spelunky 2 and where to find them.

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Feature: Have you seen THIS before?

Have you played… Contradiction: Spot the Liar?

Contradiction: Spot the Liar! is an absolutely wonderful, hilarious, campy romp. If you haven’t played a full-motion-video (FMV) game in a while, or ever, this is the perfect starting point.Designed by Tim Follin and starring Rupert Booth as Detective Inspector Frederick Jenks, you’re tasked with getting to the bottom of the mystery behind Laura Palm- I mean Kate Vine’s death. She’s a student who has…

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4 days ago

Feature: Talk about me you better hashtag turkey.

Spelunky 2 turkeys guide – how to tame turkeys, all uses

Turkeys are the most basic mount available in Spelunky 2. They'll be kicking about in the dungeons from world 1, and have a series of handy uses. From increasing your health and double jumping to taking a bullet secret-service style, these poultry pals will be extremely handy early on in the game.You can also gift them to Yang, an NPC who exchanges fancy treasure for…

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Feature: All the requirements for Mama Tunnel

Spelunky 2 shortcuts: what items are needed to open all tunnels

Spelunky 2’s shortcuts offer you the opportunity to skip through levels if you complete them enough. This is done by meeting Terra, who’ll be there and waiting for you once you’ve beaten a world. You’ll need to fulfil certain requirements to unlock the shortcuts though - here’s what you need to hold onto.

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5 days ago

Feature: How to be a Korea criminal.

Crusader Kings 3 North Korea strategy – how to directly control your entire realm

The ‘North Korea’ strategy has returned for Crusader Kings 3, and it lets you completely dominate the world if pulled off correctly. This style of play was a thing in the previous version of the game, but has been made even stronger and more viable at this point in CK3’s lifetime.Here’s how to do the North Korea strategy in Crusader Kings 3 and become supreme…

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6 days ago

Feature: Murchad Worldwide.

Best starting characters in Crusader Kings 3 – which rulers to pick

There are a huge number of rulers to choose from in Crusader Kings 3, and looking at the map it can get a bit overwhelming. Of course, choose the character who most resonates with you - if you want to shag your way to a horny gang of Estonian giants, no one's stopping you.We've put together some suggestions if you're stuck though. Here's the best…

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Feature: It's the middle ages, everyone was doing it.

How to disinherit or kill your child and heir in Crusader Kings 3

Yeah, it’s not a great look. Hear me out though. Sometimes your heir is just destined to be a rubbish ruler and you have to get them out of the way. With the medieval laws of Crusader Kings 3, you’re forced to pass your hard work down to your descendants and even play as that useless little kid if you’re unlucky.Wouldn’t it be nice then,…

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1 week ago

Feature: Need an army? You'll need to raise some levies.

How to increase, raise, and replenish levies and armies in Crusader Kings 3

One of the most important things in Crusader Kings 3 is your army. Without soldiers, you’ll be a prime target for invasion by warmongering neighbouring Jarls, as well as being unable to expand your territory by force.Here’s how to raise and replenish your levies and armies in Crusader Kings 3.

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Feature: Get a royal fresh trim.

Crusader Kings 3 barbershop – how to customise your character

At the moment, Crusader Kings 3 only has character customisation for existing rulers and family members, rather than CK2’s more versatile ruler creator. That doesn’t mean you’re without choice though! You can easily make small changes to your character without the need for mods or DLC.Here’s how to access the barbershop in Crusader Kings 3.

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Feature: How to get started in Crusader Kings 3!

Crusader Kings 3 beginner tips and tricks

When you boot up Crusader Kings 3, it might seem a little daunting. The huge map, all the different borders, and the huge number of menus could be enough to turn some people off entirely.Well, fear not! It’s a pretty rough ride to begin with but you’ll manage easily enough with this guide.Here’s how to make a good start in Crusader Kings 3.

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2 weeks ago

Feature: Ahoy, avast.

Have you played… Return Of The Obra Dinn?

Return Of The Obra Dinn is something truly special. I haven’t played a game before or since that forces such high levels of engagement and thought, whilst somehow not feeling like a chore or a hassle.Dropped off off the coast of Falmouth, you’re tasked with learning what happened to the entire crew of the ill-fated Obra Dinn merchant ship, which mysteriously drifted ashore with heavy…

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Feature: All the commands you could want.

All chat commands and how to turn off chat in Path Of Exile

Path of Exile’s chat system allows players to talk to one another easily and without barriers. There’s all kinds of ways to chat to fellow Path of Exile players, including the ability to communicate with players throughout the world and console commands to help you tweak all sorts of stuff.In this guide you'll learn how to use commands and communicate with players in Path Of…

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Feature: Where to find Waypoints and Portal Scrolls

How to fast travel in Path Of Exile

Path Of Exile’s huge world of Wraeclast takes some traversal. With all the different locations and acts to get through, it might be tough to find your way around. Thankfully, you have a couple of ways to quickly access places you’ve already been.Here’s how to fast travel in Path Of Exile.

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Feature: No objections here.

Have you played… Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney?

The whole Ace Attorney Trilogy looks better than ever on PC, and if you somehow missed it in the last couple decades, here’s your chance. It’s a story-driven game about two lovers forced to battle it out on opposite sides of the courtroom. They're fighting for their own version of justice whilst also attempting to fight their feelings for one another. 

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