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James Law

Cold War Zombies: Easter Egg walkthrough

Step-by-step, how to complete the Zombies easter egg.

Have You Played... Dream Daddy?

So many hot dads, so little time.


3 weeks ago

Feature: How to get Cold War preloaded.

Preloading Call of Duty Cold War: file size and release time on PC

Call of Duty Cold War is the latest addition to the Black Ops series from Treyarch. It releases soon, and fans will want to get their hands on it ASAP. Thankfully, you’re able to preload it so you can get on with the game as soon as it releases. Here’s all the preload info for Call of Duty Cold War, including file size and release…

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4 weeks ago

Feature: Legal Eagle

Have you played… Aviary Attorney?

I’ve already put myself on record as being obsessed with the Ace Attorney series. Comparison can come off as a backhanded compliment, but Aviary Attorney is a game so clearly inspired by Capcom’s courtroom series that comparisons aren't really avoidable. Aviary Attorney carries across so much of Ace Attorney’s template, from gathering and presenting evidence, to the threeday time limit for each case.

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Feature: Where to find Bagley's memories.

Finding Bagley’s Corrupted Memories in Watch Dogs: Legion

Spoilers abound for the post-game of Watch Dogs: Legion, so don’t read on if you’re yet to complete the main story. Finding Bagley's corrupted memories in Watch Dogs: Legion is a bit of a pain, and it can take a bit of trial and error to unearth the final bits of the story. That's where we come in. Here’s where to find Bagley’s corrupted memories…

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1 month ago

Feature: How to get Stormzy's mission.

How to play Stormzy’s mission in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion features grime star Stormzy, not just as a piece of marketing material but as the star of a mission. He’s been a big part of the hype of Watch Dogs: Legion, so fans are obviously excited to find and collab with him in-game. Here’s how to start Stormzy's mission in Watch Dogs: Legion.

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Feature: All our Watch Dogs: Legion guides in one place.

Watch Dogs: Legion guide hub

We’ve put together all kinds of guides on Watch Dogs: Legion, and it’s easy to lose your way in the techno-futuristic world of sort-of-London. No worries though - I got you. Here’s the Rock Paper Shotgun Watch Dogs: Legion guide hub, constantly updated for your convenience.

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Feature: What to put your Tech Points into.

Best tech and gadget upgrades in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion has a whole load of upgrades to your hacking arsenal. From explosive traps to passive perks, you can get a bunch of gear to help you with infiltration, combat, or general survival. Here’s the best tech upgrades in Watch Dogs: Legion, and the ones you should prioritise for upgrades.

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Feature: New DedSec Operatives for days.

How to recruit new operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion lets you ‘play as anyone’, and this is pretty much universally true. Everyone on the street is a potential member of DedSec, and it’s up to you to pick and choose your group of vigilantes based on their skills and abilities. Here’s how to recruit new operatives into your squad in Watch Dogs: Legion.

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