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Katharine Castle

3 weeks ago

Feature: Sight for sore eyes

The eyes have it – I can’t get enough of Death Stranding’s immaculate faces

I'm not afraid to say that I have absolutely no idea about what's going on in Death Stranding after a couple of hours with it. Something about a big apocalypse, some strands, a man who has the face of Guillermo Del Toro but not his voice keeps trying to me to kill a baby in a jar, and apparently my mum is the president of…

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Best gaming headsets 2020: top wired and wireless headsets for PC

Finding a great gaming headset with top quality audio and a clear, built-in microphone is absolutely vital if you regularly play games online with your mates, so help you find the right headset for you and your budget, we've put together this list of the best headsets you can buy right now. Every headset on our top picks list has been tried and tested right…

Feature: All your 2020 PC release dates in one handy list

New PC games coming out in 2020

Now that E3 season has largely drawn to a close, there have been loads of new PC games announced over the last few weeks, as well as several new PC game release dates that we can finally add to our list of all the games coming out later this year. During Microsoft's latest Xbox Games Showcase we got a release window for Halo Infinite (although…

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Get Europa Universalis IV for $1 in Humble’s new Paradox Bundle

Clearly not content with having three game bundles on the go, those mad lunatics at Humble have just gone and announced a fourth bundle today, this time celebrating the best of Paradox Interactive. It's a pretty special one, too, as you've got the epic Europa Universalis IV and Age Of Wonders III in the entry-level 78p / $1 tier, as well as Stellaris, BattleTech and…

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Feature: Everything you missed from Microsoft's big games show

Every new trailer from the Xbox Games Showcase 2020

Microsoft announced a slew of new PC games this evening as part of their latest Xbox Games Showcase for the Xbox Series X and PC, and we've rounded up all the new trailers and game announcements right here. From our first look at Halo Infinite's campaign to the long-awaited reveal of a brand new Fable game, here's everything you need to know from the Xbox…

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Feature: Music to our ears

Röki’s music sounds as gorgeous as the game looks

Polygon Treehouse's excellent adventure game Röki is out today, and as you may have seen from my Röki review, I was rather enamoured with it. It's a lovely, heartwarming and beautiful-looking game, but its soundtrack deserves special mention as well. Composed by Aether, Röki's music is full of poignant and exquisite melodies that really drive home the game's folkloric roots and fairytale environment, so I…

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Gamesplanet’s Summer Sale has over 2300 games on offer

Hot off the heels of Epic's big Summer Sale, the folks over at Gamesplanet are also splashing out on some hot game deal action today, as they too have started their own Summer Sale with over 2300 games on offer. This one isn't quite as long as Epic's, running from today until August 3rd, but with new, 24-hour flash deals being added every day, there's…

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Dive into Epic’s Summer Sale today with savings of up to 75% off

'Tis the season for whacking great game sales, it would appear, as the Epic Games Store have just announced the start of their new Summer Sale. Running from now until August 6th, there are savings of up to 75% off to be had over the next two weeks, including some big hitters like Red Dead Redemption 2, Control, Maneater and Satisfactory to name just a…

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Feature: Plus all the best 1440p, ultrawide and 240Hz monitors and more

Best gaming monitor 2020: the top budget, 4K and 144Hz monitors

If you're buying a new monitor for gaming, our list of the best gaming monitors for 2020 is here to help. With so many different types of gaming monitor available these days, it can be hard to know where to look, but our best gaming monitor recommendations are sorted by resolution, refresh rate and whether or not they support HDR so you can find exactly…

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Build your own Assassin’s Creed bundle at Fanatical

If the thought of Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Viking rugby tackles and recruitable cats for your long boat has you frothing for more of Ubisoft's time-travelling murder series, then why not take a stealthy glance at Fanatical's new Build Your Own Assassin's Creed bundle? There are ten games to pick from in total, all dating back toward the earlier end of the Assassin's Creed series, and…

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Feature: Hidden folks

Röki review

How refreshing it is to have a Scandinavian-inspired story that isn't about detectives in woolly jumpers unearthing all manner of grisly nasties from the crisp white snow. Röki's young heroine Tove does do her fair share of digging in Polygon Treehouse's gorgeous point and click adventure, but instead of dead bodies she's collecting celestial stone discs, strange sophorus flowers, and jars of sticky black goo…

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Get 11 Daedalic games for £12 / $15 in the latest Humble Bundle

Just when you thought their Warhammer and Summer Adventure Games bundles had got you covered, those mad folk at Humble have gone and rustled up another crate full of games for your bingeing pleasure. This time, it's centred around the greatest hits of adventure game specialist Daedalic Entertainment, with 11 games bundled up for £12 / $15. Highlights include Ken Follett's The Pillars Of The…

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4 weeks ago

Feature: Solid state of the art

Best SSD for gaming 2020: top SATA, NVMe and external SSDs

As next-gen consoles and their super fast SSDs inch ever closer, it's never been more important to have one of today's best SSDs for gaming sitting inside your PC. SSDs are much faster at opening and saving files on your PC than traditional hard disks, which means quicker loading times for games, and less time spent waiting around for things to happen. Windows also loads…

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AMD’s Ryzen 4000 CPU series has arrived, sort of

AMD have announced the first batch of processors in their upcoming Ryzen 4000 family of desktop CPUs today, but you're going to have to wait a while before they're available to buy as standalone chips. Instead, the six APUs making up AMD's Ryzen 4000 G-series (the ones with built-in Radeon graphics, in case you've forgotten) will only be available in pre-built PCs initially, with a…

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This RTX 2070 Super has fallen to just £400 right now

It's been a rough time for anyone looking for some great Graphics card deals lately, but today your deals herald has found a real good one: an RTX 2070 Super for just £400 over at Amazon. That's £80 cheaper than my current best RTX 2070 Super deal (ironically the same MSI model), which currently goes for £480 over at Ebuyer, and by far the lowest…

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Feature: Ultrawide load

Even Death Stranding’s ultrawide resolutions find a way to be weird

Death Stranding has had several lovely upgrades for its PC release, including uncapped frame rates, 4K resolution support and Nvidia's DLSS 2.0 tech. But the one I've been most looking forward to trying out is its 21:9 ultrawide monitor support. After all, Death Stranding is effectively Beautiful Landscape: The Game in addition to being a surprisingly engrossing postman sim, and seeing its huge, expansive vistas…

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Dell’s UK sale ends today, so grab these great gaming laptop deals while you can

After serving up ten days of some pretty great gaming laptop and monitor deals, today is the last day of Dell UK's Premier sale event, making it your last chance to save 14% on their range of gaming laptops, gaming desktops and gaming monitors. Far from being left with the deals dregs, however, there are still some pretty smashing deals out there to see out…

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These LG gaming monitors haven’t been this cheap since Black Friday

After Friday's gaming monitor deal on LG's G-Sync Compatible 24GL650, another four LG monitors have come down in price today, this time over at Amazon UK. With two ultrawide monitors and two 27in, 144Hz G-Sync Compatible displays on sale right now, these monitors are of a slightly higher spec than Friday's deal (which is still ongoing, I might add, and a couple of quid cheaper…

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