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Katharine Castle

1 month ago

These 16GB and 32GB Crucial and HyperX RAM kits are up to £20 off right now

A lot of RAM deals have centred around Corsair's Vengeance LPX sticks recently, but the good news is that there are finally some good UK deals on Crucial's equally good Ballistix RAM and HyperX's Predator kits. Thanks to Amazon's ongoing gaming tech sale, there are loads of 16GB and even a couple of 32GB sets available with up to £20 knocked off their usual prices…

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Feature: Flight of fancy

Microsoft Flight Simulator is what ultrawide monitors were made for

With its beautifully rendered planes, lovingly hand-crafted airports and dozens upon dozens of photo-realistic cities that have been tweaked and fine-tuned right down to the very last pixel, Asobo Studio's Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the most technically advanced games of our generation. Sure, its Bing Maps data can sometimes go a bit wonky and result in some rather amusing interpretations of local landmarks,…

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Loads of Razer peripherals are at all-time low prices right now

It's not just a barrage of Logitech peripherals that are on sale today. Razer also have a bunch of mice, keyboards and gaming headsets going cheap right now as part of Amazon UK's big gaming week sale, and man alive there's a lot to get through. The biggest deals are on their Kraken headset, which is down to just £47 right now, and an all-time…

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Your favourite gaming mouse (and loads of other Logitech bits) are going real cheap today

Last year, you voted the Logitech G502 as your favourite gaming mouse of all time, and it's on sale today here in the UK, dropping from its usual price of around £60 (which has been more like £80 in recent months) down to a positively bargain-tastic £38. I'll take five!That's not the only great Logitech deal on today, either, as Amazon's big tech sale has…

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The Nintendo Switch is finally the portable PC of my dreams (sort of)

If you tuned into Nintendo's Indie World stream yesterday, you'll no doubt have seen that the excellent Hypnospace Outlaw is finally beaming its way onto consoles in all its faux late 90s glory on August 27th. Its arrival on other platforms also brings with it a whole host of neat updates for those of us who have already enjoyed it on PC, too, including over…

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Sabrent’s 256GB Rocket NVMe SSD is down to just £40 / $45 today

If Monday's SSD deal on the 1TB version of WD's superb Blue SN550 wasn't enough for you this week, then you'll be pleased to hear there are more SSD deals to be had on a couple of fan favourite Sabrent drives today, with both the 256GB and 512GB models down to just £40 and £64 respectively over at Amazon UK. Those are all-time low prices…

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Baldur’s Gate 3’s early access PC requirements are here

Hot off the heels of announcing the early access release date for Baldur's Gate 3 last night, Larian Studios have also unveiled the game's initial PC requirements over on their freshly minted Steam page. Larian head honcho and creative director Swen Vincke said the team are still in the process of optimising the game in their Panel From Hell stream last night, but they're hoping…

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Oculus VR headsets will soon require a Facebook account, and that sucks

Oculus plan to make Facebook accounts mandatory for all of their VR headsets, starting with new users from October 2020, Oculus announced last night. The move comes as part of the VR giant's plans to end support for existing Oculus accounts on January 1st 2023 and shift everyone over to the same system as their parent company, Facebook. The idea is that it will "make…

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Feature: Throttle engaged

What kind of performance to expect from Microsoft Flight Simulator’s recommended PC requirements

Microsoft Flight Simulator is finally ready for boarding on PC, but if you're not sure whether your PC has the stomach for soaring through Asobo Studio's gorgeous new flight sim and its many hundreds of photorealistic cities, then I'm here to help. I've been testing the game on its recommended PC requirements today, seeing exactly what kind of performance you can get from a relatively…

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Gaming monitor deals of the week – 17th August 2020

Buying a gaming monitor can often take up a huge part of your PC building budget, so finding yourself a good deal on your next gaming monitor can be a real help to try and keep costs down. The good news is that you're in exactly the right place, as we've rounded up all the cheapest gaming monitor deals we've been able to find from…

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Feature: A double whammy of a dual-screen gaming laptop

Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 review

The Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 is quite possibly one of the most ludicrous gaming laptops I've ever come across. Specs-wise, it has all the bells and whistles you could possibly want. There's a brand-new 10th Gen Intel Core i9 processor in here, along with a massive 32GB of RAM, an RTX 2080 Super Max-Q graphics chip and a pair of 1TB NVMe SSDs RAIDed…

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Get a 1TB WD Blue SN550 SSD for just £95

Ever since it came out at the end of last year, the WD Blue SN550 has been one of the best SSDs you can buy today. Its predecessor, the Blue SN500, was already excellent value, but the SN550 pushed its performance even further, offering faster read and write speeds while also making it available in a new 1TB size capacity. It's that top 1TB model…

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2 months ago

Get an AMD B550 motherboard on the cheap today with these great Ebay deals

If you've been thinking about upgrading your PC recently, then today's the last day you can use Ebay UK's 15% off voucher to get up to £60 off a bunch of PC components. I've already highlighted some great graphics card deals and some top notch SSD bargains, but the other big thing going cheap today is a bunch of AMD's new B550 and X570 motherboards…

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Intel’s first Xe graphics card is still on track for release in 2020

Intel have confirmed that their first discrete Xe GPU is still on track to release before the end of 2020. Code-named DG1, the graphics card is currently in production and will begin shipping before the end of the year, just in time for an almighty showdown between the upcoming Nvidia Ampere cards and the next-generation of Big Navi GPUs.

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Ebay’s latest code has knocked up to £60 off loads of Nvidia RTX cards

Yesterday, I highlighted some great SSD deals going on over at Ebay UK at the moment, but there are also some rather excellent graphics card deals happening as well. Chief among them is a GTX 1660 Super for just £183, which is by far the cheapest price I've ever seen for this 1080p-oriented GPU, and £60 off various RTX 2070 Supers. If you're looking for…

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Feature: When graphics cards go wrong

I accidentally unlocked Horizon Zero Dawn’s N64 mode

Over the last week, I've sat through Horizon Zero Dawn's lengthy optimisation process more times than I care to count. Most people will only ever have to do this once when they play Horizon, but in my attempts to benchmark the game with lots of different graphics cards, it meant sitting through that 10-15 minute start-up sequence every time I put a new card inside…

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Feature: When it's not crashing, of course

Horizon Zero Dawn benchmarks: what kind of performance you can expect on PC

Horizon Zero Dawn hasn't got off to the best start on PC. While we've had minimal performance issues here at RPS, others have found it downright unplayable due to frequent crashes, stuttering and more. Guerrilla Games have said that they're investigating these technical problems as a matter of top priority, and we expect another patch to be forthcoming very soon. In the meantime, though, I'd…

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