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Lewis Denby

Telling Tales: The Art Of Game Stories In 2011

Narrative Design And 'The Art Of The Possible'


8 years ago

Feature: Angelina’s Jollies

The AI That Designs Its Own Games

A picture of Barack Obama flashes up on the screen. There’s a big, warm smile on his face, but in the background there’s the sound of a helicopter gunship firing. "I searched for happy photos of Obama," says Angelina, the game's creator, "because I like him."Angelina makes computer games. I guess you could call her an indie developer of sorts - her games certainly exist…

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9 years ago

Feature: Narrative Design And 'The Art Of The Possible'

Telling Tales: The Art Of Game Stories In 2011

Videogame storytelling is evolving, and the past few years have seen some fresh approaches to spinning the interactive yarn. Lewis Denby, on a mission to find out a little more about what stories mean to modern games, spoke to Splash Damage’s Ed Stern, who created the huge backstory for Brink, and script writer Tom Jubert, most famous for his work on Penumbra, to find out…

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Mod News: The End

This is it. The end. This column you are about to read will be the last ever Mod News. Sniff. It’s been a pleasure, guys.But no, really, it has. Over the past year, I’ve had a fantastic time as RPS’ mods guy, and it’s been a real honour to write this column every week - even if it is essentially just a roundup of all…

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Mod News: Clever Girl

Quite a lot of mod news this week, apparently, even though there's very little for you to actually play. There's a long-awaited update from Jurrassic Life, as well as plenty of other gubbins related to Half-Life 2, Crysis, Stalker: Clear Sky, Portal 2 and Dirt 3. That's a lot of games! Read on to find out what's what.

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Mod News: Silence Is Golden

It's been an unusually quiet week in the world of mod news. Perhaps all our humble developers have been scurrying away in front of their PCs actually getting some work done, and that's why we've seen very few items of news but another collection of new releases and updates, ready for you to play right now. This week: the first Portal 2 mod, a new…

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Mod News: Excuses, Excuses

Where were you all last week? I turned up and no one was here, honest! What's that? No, I'm not crossing my fingers behind my back, and you definitely didn't see him heading off on holiday. What nonsense. Anyway, to make up for it, here's an extra-long edition of Mod News to cover the past two weeks. This time: Crash Bandicoot, a Warcraft III art…

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Mod News: All the Questions

More sites should interview mod-makers, I feel. If one of this week's picks is anything to go by, they can have some interesting things to say. Modding might not usually be quite as huge a process as making a full-on indie game, but as a modder you face your own unique problems, ones we don't always get to hear about. Maybe we should take note…

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10 years ago

Mod News: The Expanding Mod-o-Sphere

It's been a week of people announcing that it will be possible to make mods for things in the future. We might not be easily able to mod the below games for now, but it's looking like the next few months will see some exciting new additions to the moddable titlesphere. You want to know which games, don't you? Unless you already know. You might.…

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Mod News: Release The Valve

In the week of Portal 2's release, it seems apt that Valve's games should dominate the mod scene's output. While the range of titles you can mod these days is impressive, and so many of the tools are easy to learn, I've still yet to come across a moddable engine that's quite as intuitive and flexible as Source. I can't wait to see what people…

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Mod News: Rebuilt

Exciting times are upon us this week. Below, there's an absolutely stunning interpretation of the STALKER universe, as built in the Crysis engine. This should happen more often. There's also some news about a certain mod that rebuilds a certain famous research facility in New Mexico. Whatever could I be talking about? Read on to find out...

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Mod News: Dead Mods

Since reading it last night, I've been thinking a lot about a particular blog post. Specifically, one by Robert Yang, with the rather controversial statement that modding is dying - and that this is a good thing. It's linked at the bottom of this post, and it's got me thinking about what mods can offer that fully-fledged indie games can't. Is there anything? Help me…

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Mod News: It’s All Going On

Last week, very little happened on the mod scene, aside from all those School Shooter shenanigans. This week, every mod in the world has received an update. No, seriously. Count them. Read on in order to do so, and to take a look at the most interesting happenings on the mod scene over the past seven days.

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Mod News: School’s Out

This week has been an unusually quiet one within the mod community, with very few developers churning out any hot and spicy news. However, one story has dominated the headlines, not just in the mod community, and not even just within the gaming press. What is it? If you've been vaguely tuned into this interesting tale, you'll probably already have guessed. Either way, read on…

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Mod News: Nearing Completion

This week in Mod News, a couple of interesting projects are on their way to being released. There's also a bunch of Dragon Age II mods already, along with a nice resource for anyone wanting to try their hand at making such things. Could there even be more? Why yes, there could! Click on to read it all.

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Mod News: Stalking Differently

Hello! Welcome to another week of Mod News. It's probably no secret by now that I like my STALKER un-modded: there's something weirdly beautiful about the ever-so-slightly-broken nature of those games. Except for Clear Sky, but let's pretend that didn't happen. So this mod, this Call of Pripyat total conversion, is catching my eye for doing something other than the standard bugfixes, graphical updates and…

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Mod News: Sequel Syndrome

It's maybe a little strange, but it always surprises me to see a mod sequel in development. The nature of modding - generally amateur-level, non-profit stuff - means you don't have to worry about franchising or suchlike, and can let your new ideas run riot as soon as you have them. Nevertheless, we do occasionally see a follow-up to something released before - and this…

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Mod News: Independence Day

Another week, another excellent Half-Life 2 mod announces that it's going indie. This time, it's one I hadn't expected, but it is one I quite enjoyed. I went to Egypt when I was younger, and this mod brought back quite a few memories of standing around the pyramids at Giza. Can you guess what I'm talking about? Read on, either way.

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Mod News: Dear Me

The mod community can be interesting at times. When a mod goes commercial, snapped up by a major digital distributer for a full release, you'd think its original fans would be delighted. This, it would seem, is not necessarily the case. To what extent should mods be anti-commercial? Should they be designed with no aims to 'go pro' should the opportunity arise? They're interesting questions.…

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