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Lewis Denby

Telling Tales: The Art Of Game Stories In 2011

Narrative Design And 'The Art Of The Possible'


9 years ago

Mod News: It’s Brainy

Zombies. I like 'em. Well, I've never actually met one, so I can't be one hundred per cent sure I'd like them in person, so to speak. But I like how often the act as a catalyst for interesting fiction. This means that news from zombie mods tends to get me a bit excited, especially if it isn't the same old dull FPS again and…

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Mod News: Hiding Somewhere

What an absolutely useless week for mod news! In terms of updates and releases, especially. Where are all the hip happenings? I'm quite certain everyone's going to shout at me for being so blind as to not have noticed this or that, but I've searched long and hard to fetch this week's news, which includes Half-Life mods (it's true!) and also news of an imminent…

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Mod News: Early Bird

Welcome to another Mod News, folks. I don't like to start with an excuse, but for the next couple of weeks I'll be compiling these just a little bit early, as I'm away in the latter halves of the weeks in question. If I've missed anything really huge that's happened in the last 24 hours or so, try not to kill me: I'll lob it…

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Mod News: New Year Bumper Pack

It's January! Oh my. Two weeks have passed since the last Mod News, since RPS went to sleep for a little while while we all ate and drank and suchlike. Typically, there were more happenings on the mod scene during that fortnight than in a long time. So welcome to an extra special bumper edition of Mod News, to help you burn off that Christmas…

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Mod News: Snow Business

Hello, fine sirs and madams, and welcome to an extra special delayed Mod News. You can blame the snow for that, since it meant I spent the majority of Tuesday trying to get from one end of the country to the other, instead of working as planned. Bloody snow. John may hit me for badmouthing the snow, so quick! Let's get on with some mod…

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Mod News: There’s Life In Her Yet

Usually we expect mods - amateur creations, let's not forget - to utilise game engines to a less effective degree than professional developers would manage. But what I love about the mod scene is that sometimes we're thrown a complete curveball in that respect. We've seen what Robert Briscoe's doing with Dear Esther, for example. And sometimes, it's an even older engine that has new…

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Mod News: All Quiet In New Mexico

I've got to be honest: I was expecting a Black Mesa update. It's been tradition to do one around this time every year - a big post with new information, a trailer, some new screenshots or, last year, a big apology for having not released the mod yet. But nothing. No word. I'll keep my eyes peeled, but I gave up trying to get in…

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Mod News: And Lots Of It

As ModDB's Mod of the Year awards voting continues, the splendid stream of hyper-updates doth flow. Sometimes this means reams or rubbish to fight through, but this week's been especially good - meaning there's some cracking news from the past seven days buried beneath the jump. Go!

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Mod News: General Election

It's that time of year again, folks: the time when ModDB's annual awards roll around and everyone seems more eager to spam that website with pleas for votes rather than a great deal of anything interesting happening. Still, cutting through the mix - both there and elsewhere on the 'net - are a few gems. So here we go: the last seven days in interesting…

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Mod News: Playing Catch Up

Because I was tragically born without a brain, I neglected to include two exciting pieces of Half-Life 2 mod news last week. Whatever could they be? Have a read below the jump to get caught up, as well as survey the most interesting mod-related happenings of the past seven days.

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Mod News: Where’s The Scares?

Halloween's a-comin'. What a great opportunity for grand updates on the hundreds of millions of horror mods in production, huh? Which is presumably why I've only found one piece of spooky news all week. Mod community? I am disappoint. Nevertheless, here's a round-up of the most interesting mod-related gumph from the past seven days, and a picture of a pumpkin lantern to make up for…

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Mod News: Fluttering By

One thing that so many sizeable mods lack is good art design. You can be a technically accomplished mod-maker, crafting levels to a ludicrous level of detail, but if there's no aesthetic backbone to that craft then things begin to fall apart quickly. Which is why Butterfly, a Crysis mod, is exciting me so much with its simple but striking visual motifs. Read below the…

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Mod News: Release-o-matic

It’s not been a particularly newsy week this week in the world of mods. Ordinarily that’d be frustrating, but in fact, the usual stream of pictures of guns has been replaced by a rather gargantuan tub of both updates and new releases. So I’m not complaining at all. Read on for the week’s most interesting mod-related happenings.

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Mod News: Some Kind Of Sourcery

Apologies for the lack of Mod News last week. Imps came and took my eyes away, so I was unable to source any. But it’s fine, because Source is what this week’s Mod News is covered in, with various HL2 bits and bats, and even a little sprinkling of Left 4 Dead 2. But there’s more. Two Command & Conquer games and even Minecraft, of…

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Mod News: Here’s Garry

Mods have sometimes had a bit of cross-format compatibility issues. So when Steam launched for Mac earlier this year, I was curious to see what this would mean for mod teams. Frankly I don’t have the answer yet, as what lies below isn’t strictly a mod any longer - but it is lovely to see what was once such a pillar of the HL2 modding…

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