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3 weeks ago

Feature: The ultimate Support loadout for Star Wars: Squadrons

Best U-wing loadout in Star Wars: Squadrons

Support-class ships like the U-wing in Star Wars: Squadrons probably have the biggest role to play in any victory. Most players avoid these ships because they're slow and weak and you won't get many kills with them, but for players who don't mind the life of a support character, you can absolutely carry your team to victory by following my best U-wing loadout guide below.

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Feature: No one can follow you with this A-wing loadout

Best A-wing loadout in Star Wars: Squadrons

The nimble A-wing is one of the Republic's deadliest ships in Star Wars: Squadrons, thanks to its agility and damage potential. Most Republic players I've come across tend to use A-wings in both Dogfight and Fleet Battles, but I rarely see anyone doing it right. Below I'll walk you through my best A-wing loadout for Squadrons, along with an explanation of how to play it…

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Feature: Our X-wing loadout gives you one of the Republic's strongest ships

Best X-wing loadout in Star Wars: Squadrons

The X-wing is the pride of the Republic fleet in Star Wars: Squadrons, and it's also a dang fine ship. Great damage and great survivability combine to create a fantastic base for our best X-wing loadout, which adds a tonne of mobility to help destroy any Empire ship that dares challenge you. Check it out below!

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Feature: Use this Y-wing loadout to turn any enemy into scrap

Best Y-wing loadout in Star Wars: Squadrons

Whenever I see a Y-wing in Star Wars: Squadrons without the right loadout, I let out an audible groan. This is one of the strongest ships in the game if you kit it out correctly, but it seems most players haven't yet discovered this. If you've not yet given the Y-wing a proper go, follow our best Y-wing loadout guide below and see what you…

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Feature: These Squadrons loadouts are top of the meta right now

The best Star Wars: Squadrons loadouts for each ship class

Star Wars: Squadrons, we can all agree, has a pretty steep learning curve. Particularly once you jump into multiplayer matches and realise that your ship loadouts have an enormous impact on your success, and the outcome of a match. But if you're finding yourself constantly at the bottom of the scoreboard, don't despair. I was you once: and now I'm the top fragger in nearly…

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Feature: This TIE Fighter loadout gives you an Interceptor's mobility

Best TIE Fighter loadout in Star Wars: Squadrons

The TIE Fighter is one of the most recognisable shapes in Star Wars, and we were all expecting to see a fair few TIE Fighters in every Star Wars Squadrons match before it came out. Instead, everyone's playing as Interceptors and Bombers - and for good reason. But a TIE Fighter can still be viable with the right build, and our best TIE Fighter loadout…

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Feature: This Support loadout is your allies' best chance of survival

Best TIE Reaper loadout in Star Wars: Squadrons

Playing a support-class ship in Star Wars: Squadrons might be an uninviting prospect, when the alternative is to pilot a TIE Interceptor or an X-wing. But the TIE Reaper, when kitted out and piloted properly, is likely to be the MVP of any match when all's said and done. Our best TIE Reaper loadout equips you with everything you need to keep your team alive…

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Feature: Our best Interceptor loadout isn't what you'd expect...

Best Interceptor loadout in Star Wars: Squadrons

The TIE Interceptor is the fastest and most agile ship in Star Wars: Squadrons, so it's no surprise that most players have taken to learning this ship first. But very few players are picking the very best Interceptor loadout available to them. Below I'll walk you through a startlingly powerful and dangerous Interceptor build and all its components, along with an explanation of how it…

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Feature: Possibly the best loadout in Squadrons right now

Best TIE Bomber loadout in Star Wars: Squadrons

The Bomber class is possibly the strongest ship type in Star Wars: Squadrons upon release, and the Empire's heavy TIE Bomber is no exception with its high health pool, extreme damage potential, and power conversion capabilities.Below you'll find not only the best TIE Bomber loadout I've come across, but quite possibly the strongest loadout in the entire game as of the time of writing. So…

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4 weeks ago

Feature: Real, practical Warzone tips and tricks to prepare you for Season 6

Call of Duty Warzone tips and tricks – top tips for Season 6

If you're looking to start strong with Season 6 of the ever-popular Call Of Duty: Warzone, you've come to the right place. Below are 70 Call Of Duty: Warzone tips for consistently surviving and dishing out death all across Verdansk. We've got tonnes of good stuff here, so let's get stuck in!

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Feature: Maximise your mobility with the Micro Drift technique

How to Drift in Star Wars: Squadrons: the Micro Drift technique explained

Drifting is a powerful technique in Star Wars: Squadrons, one which gives your ship much greater mobility and will likely give you a real edge in combat. This quick Star Wars: Squadrons Drift guide will walk you through exactly how to Boost and Drift in any ship, and also when and why both are important. We'll also go over the more advanced Micro Drift technique…

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Feature: Beginner's tips on everything from ship classes to power management

Star Wars: Squadrons guide: 12 tips and tricks to help you master the game quickly

Star Wars: Squadrons has arrived! Are you excited? I'm excited. Are you terrible at the game right now? I was too when I first started. But no longer, thanks to these top Star Wars: Squadrons tips for beginners, which will walk you through everything you need to know about this high-skill-ceiling space combat sim, from power management to advanced movement techniques and much more.

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Feature: There are few things more dangerous than this Grau loadout

Best Grau loadout in Warzone [Season 6] – plus in-depth Grau stats

The Grau has long since been the go-to Assault Rifle in Call Of Duty: Warzone, and it's not hard to see why. Even after the Season 4 nerf, this veritable laser is possibly the most reliable and accurate rifle you can get your hands on. This guide will show you how to craft the best Grau loadout in Warzone for Season 6; and we'll also…

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Feature: Can anything stand against this custom MP5 loadout?

Best MP5 loadout and class setup in Warzone – plus in-depth MP5 stats

The MP5 has been one of the strongest and most popular weapons in Modern Warfare and Warzone from the start, with its blisteringly high damage and rate of fire allowing players to shred their enemies at close range. Below we'll walk you through the detailed stats of this masterful SMG, along with the very best MP5 loadout we've found for Warzone Season 6.

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Feature: This FiNN loadout guarantees you one of the strongest guns in Warzone

Best FiNN loadout in Warzone – plus in-depth FiNN stats

The FiNN was Season 6's mid-season addition to Call Of Duty: Warzone's weapons arsenal, and it's absolutely phenomenal. Some might say it was - and still is - a game-changer. And our in-depth FiNN Warzone loadout guide will not only walk you through the very best loadout for this incredibly customisable gun, but also break down the inner workings and stats of this S-tier lead-spitter…

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Feature: Hyperburst your way to the top with the best AN-94 loadout

Best AN-94 Warzone loadout – plus in-depth AN-94 stats

The AN-94, the Assault Rifle added in Season 5 of Warzone, turned a lot of heads in a short space of time thanks to its unique and deadly hyperburst feature. Below we'll walk you through the very best AN-94 Warzone loadout for Season 6, along with in-depth stats breaking down how this rifle compares to the current top-tier Warzone weapons.

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Feature: Does the best possible ISO loadout hold a candle to the MP7 or MP5?

Best ISO Warzone loadout – plus in-depth ISO stats

The ISO was one of three new weapons added to Warzone in Season 5, and it took a bit of time to find its place in the current SMG meta. Our Warzone ISO guide looks to sort things out once and for all, both by providing you with the best possible post-patch ISO loadout that we've found so far, and also taking a look at…

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Feature: These Hades tips will ensure victory with every run!

Hades guide: tips and strategies on how to beat the game

Hades, the sublime god-filled roguelite from Supergiant Games, has finally left Early Access. And that means a whole host of new players are quickly learning just how difficult it is to escape Hell when your dear father, Lord Hades, doesn't want you to leave.But I've been escaping Hell since December 2018, and with the following top-tier Hades tips and strategies, you too will learn how…

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Feature: Learn which Gods bestow the best Boons in Hades

Hades Boons guide: the best Boons and Gods to choose

Boons in Hades are one of the most common and powerful types of upgrades you'll come across. Offered by the Olympian Gods themselves, these Boons are the genetic makeup of your build for each run, which means picking the right Boon in the right moment is extremely important if you want to beat the game and escape the Underworld.Our Hades Boons guide will offer an…

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Feature: Learn the very best Keepsakes to use in Hades

Hades Keepsakes list: a tier list of the best Keepsakes

Keepsakes are a major aspect of your metaprogression throughout Hades, the fast-paced roguelite from Supergiant Games. Bartered from the various Olympians and Underworld inhabitants you'll meet throughout your journey, these Keepsakes offer powerful passive bonuses that can completely alter your playstyle and the outcome of your runs.Our Hades Keepsakes guide will walk you through how Keepsakes can be earnt, used, and upgraded, along with a…

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