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Ollie Toms

6 days ago

Feature: Every problem you need to solve in your first 30 cycles

Oxygen Not Included guide: how to ace your first 30 cycles in ONI

Oxygen Not Included is one of my very favourite games. It's also just recently been released, which means a whole wave of bright-eyed players have just begun their own journey into this hilarious, beautiful, infernally complex suffocation simulator. So, to all those players: this is the Oxygen Not Included guide that I wish I had when I was first starting out. Fully up to date…

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2 weeks ago

Feature: The very best kind of chaos

Have You Played… A Small World Cup?

This is my last football-related Have You Played for a while, I promise. In my defence, they've all been very different takes on the sport. World Cup 98 was about hacking the opponents into oblivion. Natural Soccer focused on controlling the ball in mid-air with seemingly telekinetic powers. And today I'm taking a look at the glorious Ludum Dare title, A Small World Cup, which…

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Feature: Getting your money's worth

Dota Underlords gold [August Update] – economy and gold tips and tricks

Success in Dota Underlords relies upon an intimate knowledge not only of heroes and alliances and items and builds, but also gold, and creating a strong economy in a short space of time. If gold is the chocolate sauce that seeps through the crushed viennetta of all the game's other systems and complexities, then this Dota Underlords gold guide is the recipe for that sauce,…

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3 weeks ago

Feature: This one was a Whomper

Have you played… Nerf Arena Blast?

What I wouldn't give for Nerf Arena Blast to have been released in 2019 rather than 1999. Rather than mucking about with the guns of Apex Legends, I could've been writing guides on the absolutely splendid maps and even splendid-er weapons of this twitchiest of twitch shooters. While others were off playing Unreal, I was bouncing around in low-gravity, weaving shots around a dozen obstacles…

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Feature: What new heroes are coming to Dota Underlords?

Dota Underlords Battle Pass – Proto Pass details, Season 1 new heroes and upcoming content

In preparation for the release of Dota Underlords' first season, Valve have released a prototype Battle Pass (the aptly named Proto Pass) to all Underlords players, free of charge. The catch? No catch; they just want feedback on how it works, so they can get the Season 1 Battle Pass perfect before it's released. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a square…

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4 weeks ago

Feature: Unpossibly entertaining

Have you played… Fantastic Contraption?

Once upon a time, I, like many others, did very little from day to day apart from play tonnes of browser-based Flash games. And of all the games I played during this fascinating period of my childhood, I didn't expect a simple little physics-based puzzle game to have imparted some of the fondest and longest-lasting memories. If you've played Fantastic Contraption, I'm sure you feel…

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1 month ago

Feature: He's a Football Wizard... There has to be a twist

Have You Played… Natural Soccer?

Natural Soccer is a football game where you can bend the ball in impossible and ridiculous ways while it's in mid-air. Besides this one trait, it's a pretty ordinary - and very simple - take on the beautiful game, and while I was charmed at first sight I didn't know quite whether it could keep me entertained for more than an hour or two. But…

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Feature: Must construct additional Pylons

Apex Legends Wattson guide (Season 2): Wattson tips and tricks, abilities, hitbox

Season 2 has arrived, and leading the charge is Wattson - the newest Apex Legends character and possibly the most defence- and support-focused Legend we've seen so far. We'll break it all down in this here Apex Legends Wattson guide, with in-depth explanations and tips on her abilities, hitbox, playstyle, and much more.

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2 months ago

Feature: Let's play Bamboozle!

Apex Legends Mirage guide (Season 2): Mirage tips and tricks, abilities, hitbox

Mirage, the so-called Holographic Trickster of Apex Legends characters, is perhaps the most satisfying Legend to play as when things go right. When you pull off that perfectly timed bamboozle or distraction with your holographic decoys... Man, it feels great. What's more, there's a fair amount more utility to Mirage's abilities than you might think, particularly now that Season 2 is out. Our Apex Legends…

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Feature: I feel most alive when rapidly approaching my buff

Apex Legends Caustic guide (Season 2) – abilities, hitbox, Caustic tips and tricks

Caustic, despite his premium status as one of just three characters in Apex Legends who must be unlocked through Legend Tokens or Apex Coins, was always one of the most underperforming Legends in the game thanks to his bulky hitbox. But now with the release of Season 2, Caustic is much tankier and deadlier than he ever used to be, and there's no better time…

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Feature: The Bullet Sponge is now even Spongier

Apex Legends Gibraltar guide (Season 2): abilities, hitbox, Gibraltar tips and tricks

Gibraltar once was the subject of ridicule among the Apex Legends characters roster, thanks to his enormous hitbox, and despite his excellent and versatile array of abilities. But with the release of v1.1.1 and now Season 2, Gibraltar has received a substantial buff, and we're now likely to see a lot more of him in King's Canyon. Our Apex Legends Gibraltar guide will walk you…

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Feature: Lifeline + Ultimate Accelerants = Victory

Apex Legends Lifeline guide (Season 2): abilities, hitbox, Lifeline tips and tricks

Among the Apex Legends characters roster, Lifeline is commonly (and rightly) thought of as the healer or support class; but despite this, she has absolutely no trouble dishing out as much damage to her foes as anyone. There are some excellent reasons to play as Lifeline beyond offering a helping hand to your teammates, and our Apex Legends Lifeline guide is the perfect place to…

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Feature: Strongest Avenger

Apex Legends Wraith guide (Season 2) – abilities, hitbox, Wraith tips and tricks

Since the release of Apex Legends, Wraith has been considered by many the strongest all-round character in the game, and it looks like this will continue to be the case heading into Season 2. A high skill ceiling with abilities that can be used to great effect both offensively and defensively, and a hitbox so small it can often seem like she dances between your…

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Feature: Robot Tarzan

Apex Legends Pathfinder guide (Season 2): Pathfinder tips and tricks, abilities, hitbox

Pathfinder may not look all that swift, but prepare to be flummoxed, because he is in fact one of the most mobile Apex Legends characters out there. Pathfinder's abilities, particularly his Grappling Hook, are extremely mobility- and momentum-focused, and greatly reward players who look for unexpected angles and wide flanks during fights. As possibly the character with the highest skill ceiling in the game, it's…

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Feature: Fancy a smoke?

Apex Legends Bangalore guide (Season 2): abilities, hitbox, Bangalore tips and tricks

Bangalore has always been right up there with Wraith, Lifeline, and Octane at the top of most players' Apex legends character tier lists, and it looks like that will continue to be the case heading into Season 2. She's highly mobile, easy to learn, difficult to deal with, and comes equipped with a variety of versatile tools to help her team gain the upper hand…

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Feature: The fastest legs in Kings Canyon

Apex Legends Octane guide (Season 2): abilities, hitbox, Octane tips and tricks

Season 2 has arrived at last, and Octane, the high-speed daredevil released with Season 1, is no longer the newest Apex Legends character. But he's still a force to be reckoned with, able to run rings around other players and regenerate health passively over time. Our Apex Legends Octane guide will help you to better understand his abilities and the high- ahem, -octane playstyle you'll…

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Feature: Season 2: Battle Charge

Apex Legends Season 2 guide – new Battle Pass, Wattson, Ranked Mode, Hop Ups, weapon adjustments

It's been a long time coming, but at last Season 2 of Apex Legends has dropped, bringing with it a truly colossal number of new features, quality of life changes, and balance adjustments. From the new Legend Wattson to the new L-Star weapon, from the new Battle Pass to the myriad map changes across Kings Canyon, there's a lot to talk about in this here…

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Feature: How long can an Apex Legends match last?

Apex Legends Ring (Season 2) – Circle sizes, Ring damage stats for Ranked and Standard modes

Apex Legends innovated and rethought several aspects of the battle royale genre, but one thing they decided to keep pretty much as-is, and that's what Respawn have called the Ring, which slowly contracts to smaller and smaller circles over the course of a match and damages those caught outside. With Season 2, many of the Ring's damage and timing stats have changed, so we thought…

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Feature: L-Star EMG time-to-kill and other stats

Apex Legends L-Star stats (Season 2): DPS, TTK, spray pattern, L-Star EMG tips

The L-Star EMG is the latest addition to the Apex Legends weapons arsenal, and it's a hell of a gun. Available only in airdrops like the [block id="651773" title="Apex Legends Kraber"] and [block id="651779" title="Apex Legends Mastiff"], the L-Star is capable of tearing players apart in milliseconds thanks to its extreme DPS - but its power comes at the price of overheating. Our Apex Legends…

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