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Quintin Smith

6 years ago

Feature: From The Archive

Planetside: The 1%

Every Sunday, we reach deep into Rock, Paper, Shotgun's 142-year history to pull out one of the best moments from the archive. This week, Quintin's tale of Planetside heroism, originally published September 2008.Planetside, then. Do I have any veterans in the audience? At ease, gentlemen.It might not have dredged up the subscribers Sony were hoping for, and you personally might have found it a disappointment,…

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Feature: From The Archive

Action Half-Life: The 5AM

Every Sunday, we reach deep into Rock, Paper, Shotgun's 142-year history to pull out one of the best moments from the archive. This week, Quintin's brush with one of gaming's most fearsome map secrets, originally published March 31st, 2010.Strangest game I ever played?Well, okay.It started when we met in the underpass at dawn. The memory's hazy now but I remember it was the underpass, and…

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Feature: From The Archive

Butchering Pathologic – Part 1: The Body

Every Sunday, we reach deep into Rock, Paper, Shotgun's 141-year history to pull out one of the best moments from the archive. This week, since the Kickstarter for the remake ends in two days, part one of Quinns celebration and dismantling of Pathologic. This post was originally published on April 10, 2008.Okay....okay.I'm going to explain, right now, why a Russian FPS/RPG called Pathologic is the…

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8 years ago

Feature: In Which We Preview A Videogame Experiment

Sojourn ‘Em Up: Walden, A Game

"I'm in the front row at New York University's last “Practice” developer talks, staring at the projector with intense wariness. A trap?"Walden, A Game could not be any more RPS*. Developed on an arts grant, this is the upcoming tie-in game to Henry Thoreau’s 1854 philosophy book Walden. A book detailing the author’s experience of escaping modern life by living in the woods near Lake…

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Feature: Booby trapped

Wot I Think: Dungeonbowl

I’ve always wanted to try Blood Bowl, mostly due to Kieron’s amazing diary of his Skaven team’s inaugural season, so you can imagine my delight when Jim asked me to review stand-alone expansion Dungeonbowl. At last! I was so happy I tucked my t-shirt over my face and performed the traditional foot-to-ball “Frivolous Dance”.My flat’s a bit small for it, mind, and I ended up…

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9 years ago

Feature: From Star to Finish

Lords of War: EVE Interview, Part Two

We're catching up with our favourite, maddest, favourite and most mad MMORPG, EVE Online. If you missed part 1 of our interview with EVE's Lead Game Designer, Senior Producer and Community Developer, click right here. Then you can blast on through to part 2, featuring player-run universities, Nicholas Cage, and an answer to the taxing question of how one runs the largest-scale arms race videogames…

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Feature: Space To Breathe

Lords of War: EVE Interview, Part One

EVE Online! Since the servers first rumbled to life nine years ago the deeply political, single-shard MMO has been a source of endless fascination for RPS, on a par with helicopters. How do they stay in the air?But what's happening in EVE? Last we heard, some of its most famous chaps were grumbling or rioting, followed by something that continues to feel like a controlled…

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Feature: From The RPS Archives

Planetside: The 1%

Next up from the dusty annals of prehistoric RPS is a 2008 barnstormer of a tale from our all-too-quickly-departed gentleman caller Quintin Smith, and probably the best thing you'll ever read about the one-time greatest videogame in the history of existence, Planetside.Planetside, then. Do I have any veterans in the audience? At ease, gentlemen.It might not have dredged up the subscribers Sony were hoping for,…

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Feature: A Marine Environment

Chaos All-Stars: Space Marine Hands-On

Multiplayer, eh? Bit of fun! Having a laugh with friends. Persistent unlocks. Leaderboards. And all I can think as Relic demo Space Marine's multiplayer component to me, is this: Frivolity! The Emperor would not approve. My tune was, however, changed slightly following several hours and a dozen matches of hands-on.

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Feature: Death Becomes You

Reaping The Benefits: Darksiders 2 Preview

Death, the second horseman (and hoarse man) of the Apocalypse is locked in battle with an enormous beetle. Deftly rolling out of the way of its charge attack with an agility never showcased by War in the first game, Death promptly delivers a series of all-business, blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em slashes with his scythe. And what should come tumbling out from the beetle? Viscous, nightshade-coloured ichor? No. Numbers.…

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Announcing: Quindependence Day

Hello, ladies! Men.I joined the RPS team this time last year. Following almost twelve months of PC gaming news, reviews, thrills and spills, some of which the RPS server was actually up for, I'm announcing that today, the fourth of July, or Quindependance day, will be my last day on the site. I'm going back to ordinary freelancing. But before I go, I'd quickly like…

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Ibb And Obb Give Quinns A Headache

The best indie games are the ones that immediately make you feel slightly unwell, clearly. Braid. Narbacular Drop. Space Funeral. Here's a new one with more in common with the gravity flipper VVVVVV than anything else - ibb and obb is an entirely co-operative platformer where players can leap through gaps in the floor to walk on the topsy-turvy version of the world. It's more…

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BOOM! The RPS Social Club Rides Again

BOOM! That is the noise of the drinking drum, summoning you lot into action, because the London branch of the Rock, Paper, Shotgun Social Club has finalised the dates for its next three meets. Including, no kidding, a Ladies Night.What are you doing on Saturday the 16th of July, Saturday the 13th of August and Saturday the 27th of August? That's a trick question, by…

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This Just In: Bioware Unsure On Tali’s Face

I love these strange burps and backdrafts of information that aren't really stories, yet they are.Bioware art director Derek Watts has revealed in an interview with CVG that the studio is having trouble deciding whether to finally reveal the face of party member Tali in Mass Effect 3. Tali has, up till now, sheltered behind the mask that characterises her space-faring people with their terrible…

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Feature: Table Dancing

Not Cardboard Children: Tobago

Last week at least a couple of you complained that it's been ages since our weekly Cardboard Children column covered a board game you could reasonably be expected to take home to meet your mother or non-gamer friends. Something that didn't feature goblins anywhere at all. Not even in an expansion.Have you all really bought Survive! already? Well, here's another one anyway: Tobago. A game…

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Feature: Squad Core

Fever Fray: First Fray Screens, Interview

Indie squad tactics game Fray seems purpose-built to secure a place on RPS's radar, and since we have impeccable taste, that means you should be keeping an eye on it too. Not only is it going to offer top-down squad strategy, they're appealing to RPS's love of paradoxes- that same squad strategy will be real-time and turn-based. Don't think about that too hard, because (1)…

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You Should Be Reading: Matul Remrit

What makes Matul Remrit the Dwarf Fortress diary you should be reading? So many things. The fact that it's a collaboration between a writer, editor, artist and musician. The bleak and deeply weird tone of it that could not be more true to the game (as opposed to Tim Denee's stuff, which makes the game comparatively accessible). The glimmering quality of it.I meant to post…

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DC Universe Gets Microtransaction Shop

Are all the MMORPGs in the world swapping to microtransactions and freemium payment models? The writing is on the wall, and the writing says "Give us your money! Give us your money in smaller increments, and with less constancy!" Which is a crazy thing to see written on any wall.Anyway, Massively report that Sony have just unlocked DC Universe's in-game marketplace. Players now have the…

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