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Have You Played... They Came From A Communist Planet?

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3 months ago

Feature: The Ballad of Gretchen Anderson

Thousand Threads is a chilled out walking sim that runs on petty violence

I've seen my share of American media that treats postal workers with a patriotic significance. To an extent, it makes sense. Some of the most revolutionary changes to human societies followed rapid developments in communication technology or infrastructure. We're in the middle of such a period right now, even. Thousand Threads is a walking simulator with an open world light RPG-ish simulation on top. It…

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4 months ago


Grounded’s co-op is fantastic, if you can get it to work

I threw a spear at the first person to harm an ant. They were warned. But the lag meant I kept missing and it just got a bit embarassing, so we retrieved the spears and went back to scouting for dewdrops.Grounded's multiplayer has captured something special. Even after several hours (which flew by for all of us), we found it hard to pin down exactly…

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Feature: no slep on snek

Have you played… Snakelike?

There was a time when everyone was obsessed with whatever version of Snake they had on their terrible, invariably Nokia mobile. Thankfully, since then nobody has been obsessed with phones or reheated retro games.Snakelike combines two things I resent to create one I enjoy. Dastardly alchemy. It is a turn based roguelike in which you are a snake, from Snake. It's clever and cute and…

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Frog Fractions, your favourite oddity browser game, is out now on Steam

The 2012 browser game now has a Steam presence in Frog Fractions: Game Of The Decade Edition. It is, I suppose, an arcade game with an educational element - or perhaps more accurately a spoof of games with an educational element. You play as a wee frog who perches on a lilypad, defending your pond from waves of incoming flying insects by lashing out with…

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Feature: Turns out three's not a crowd

Blightbound has the fun sincerity of a ’90s action cartoon

Blightbound is a three-player 2D action RPG about... well it has a plot, but come on. It's about tearing up some monsters and taking their stuff. And it does that pretty well. The world is blighted by the dying gasp of an apocalyptic monster, and you set out as part of a team of three to fix it by stabbing everything. Rather than a linear…

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Baldur’s Gate 3 might not cap player levels to ten after all

Baldur's Gate 3 will probably be here next month, and it's still unclear where it will land on the critical issue of a level cap.Developers Larian previously stated in a Reddit AMA that their upcoming sequel will cover levels one to ten, but in our recent interview, lead systems designer Nick Pechenin said that this isn't certain, as they're still weighing it up.

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Feature: Down to earth

I am willing to die for the ants in Grounded

Ants are a strong contender for the most fascinating creature on the planet. Arguably the most successful animal (discounting micro-organisms, those smug jerks), even. I was fascinated by them as a kid. There's an ant with only one pair of chromosomes. There are ants that transform themselves into food storage units. There are kamikaze ants that defend their nest by exploding. Blind ants. Ants that…

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Metal Gear Solid 5 finally achieves nuclear disarmament after 5 years

Dusty mook-tormenting simulator Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has finally had its much-awaited Peace Day, as players achieved full nuclear disarmament last night. For the first time since its 2015 release, not a single player had possession of a nuclear weapon. Enough people chose to destroy them that there were simply none left. The result is the unlocking of a new celebratory cutscene,…

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Feature: Horsey to October 2013

Actual 5D Chess proves that time travel should not be allowed

Theoretically, I like chess. I learned it at a very young age, and defeated the uncle who taught me, hollowing his soul and cursing myself to a decade with nobody to play it with. That decade probably kept me from being the kind of person who memorises moves and has special names for things from a textbook. In a way, it made me.5D Chess, on…

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Feature: Life springs a herbal

A Skyrim fan is making lovely handmade illustrations of its alchemy ingredients

I once worked in an archive that included a heap of medieval herbals. In some form or another, they were a huge part of our culture and inherited knowledge for thousands of years, and while Skyrim does have a few compendium and guide books, there's nothing in them that really fits that bill.But one talented player has recently taken to drawing and painting their own…

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The Destroy All Humans! PC remake is out now

Moaning about bad titles is easy money in this job, but now and then you get to complain because a game's title pretty much explains itself, critically undermining your introduction. Destroy All Humans! is a remake of the mid-2000s action game about wacky 1950s aliens who've come to Earth to harvest brains and blow everything up for kicks. Its release today is the first time…

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Feature: No more cute robots

The makers of Chuchel outsmarted me with dog furniture in Creaks

"Oh this is easy", I thought, adding a few more moments to the endless mistake I began several decades back, "it's kind of telling me everything I need to do anyway."Creaks is a platform-based puzzle game. I thought I was not particularly good at puzzle games. I am in fact hopeless at them. I am a fool, a dunce, an entire bowl. It has stumped…

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The super-artsy A Maze festival has begun

This year's A Maze festival started today, showing off some of the weirdest and indie-est of games, as well as lots of talks about the same. A Maze is usually in Berlin but, like so many others, the festival has adapted to the current pandemic situation by going online. You can even attend virtually this year with the 'Total Digital' experience, a sort of combination…

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Feature: It's a feature

Kafka’s Metamorphosis makes a great whimsical platformer

If you'd told me before today that it's possible to make an upbeat and friendly 3D platformer based on the works of Franz Kafka without undermining the nature of either, I would have found it hard to believe. And yet here we are.I'll confess that it's been a long while since I've read The Metamorphosis, and I never had particularly strong feelings about it (save…

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