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The Midnight Table

The Midnight Table: Kemet

Oh, you're running a fashion empire?


The Midnight Table: Utterings

"the Dark Monk of the Shaded Glade"


The Midnight Table: Winter Tales

a tale of grotesque horror


7 years ago

Feature: Oh, you're running a fashion empire?

The Midnight Table: Kemet

It is midnight, and I am The Midnight Table. This week I bring to you a game called Kemet, a bloody game of conflict set in Ancient Egypt. It is a beautiful and bizarre work, a game that puzzled and intrigued our players. Before we dig into the meat of this fascinating piece, I hand you over to a charismatic stranger who sat at me…

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Feature: "the Dark Monk of the Shaded Glade"

The Midnight Table: Utterings

It is midnight.Take it from an old thing – people love new things. Yes, I am The Midnight Table, a piece of furniture so old and ancient some Rolling Stones lyrics were written upon me. Age brings many gifts – wisdom... Um... That's about it.What was I saying? Yes – I have learned that gamers love new things. But what about those games, well-loved, that…

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Feature: a tale of grotesque horror

The Midnight Table: Winter Tales

Welcome.It is midnight, and I am The Midnight Table. I would like to thank you all for your kind thoughts over the past week. Brother Gethsemane has told me of your comments, and I am pleased that you have decided to bow to me as your master. I am great and ancient, and you are so-so and a baby. Our relationship will be an interesting…

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Feature: Sentient furniture loves to travel

The Midnight Table: One

Welcome. I am The Midnight Table.Every Friday night, at midnight, UK time, I will make an appearance on Rock, Paper, Shotgun to recount a story of a game played upon me that week. I am a living, sentient table, carved from wood found in the forests around ancient Camelot, or so my mother tells me. My mother, incidentally, is a frustratingly racist coat rack.This week,…

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