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Avalong Look At King Arthur II In Action

An official website for a game has launched! Shout it from the hilltops! Proclaim it to the masses! There is also a release date for the game! It will actually be released on a day that is not very far away! Total War with myth, magic and choose your own adventure segments is how I think of King Arthur II, which is not to say it doesn't have an identity of its own and perhaps you will be able to discover that identity on the aforementioned website or upon the aforementioned release date (Jan 27th). Or maybe in the rather more useful 56 minute recording of a livestream that I've buried in Avalon, which for our purposes lies just below. Click to retrieve it. Exhumation and archaeology made easy!

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There's a lot in there but if you still want to know more, why not read the impressions that Agent Smee brought back to us from his journeys in Albion?

Also, don't forget that the prologue, which the video shows off, is available to play now for those willing to preorder. Oddly, I never played the original but I'll surely take a closer look at this some time soon. History, myth and strategy are three of my favourite things, and I didn't get any of them for Christmas so I'll need to take care of matters myself.

Paradox also have this to say:

In celebration of the site’s launch, Paradox Interactive has planned a giveaway for free copies of King Arthur Collection.

Starting today up until Friday the 13th, Paradox Interactive will hide 10 unique codes each day somewhere on the official King Arthur II website; players only need find a hidden code, redeem it on Steam, and start playing!

New codes will be uploaded to the King Arthur II website at 9am EST / 3pm CET on each day of the giveaway.

Free games ahoy!

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