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Ay Caramba! Ikaruga Is On Greenlight

In Black And White

I am excited and I don't know why! Ikaruga is begging for votes on Steam Greenlight. I only played Ikaruga about twice back in the Dreamcast days (my very first job was working on DC-UK's website, and I lasted a month before complaining that I didn't have enough to do - I was bolshy back then), and it was clear that I'd need new eyes to track the on-screen action, finger enhancements to make things happen at the pace the game required, and possibly a brain bypass so my thoughts of insurrection didn't get in the way of reactions. I was aware that it was special and I was not.

It's one of those lithe, but unforgiving top-down shooters. Your ship can swap between black and white states in order to fight enemies of the opposite hue. Depending on what polarity you're in, enemy bullets can either hurt or help you. It's all combos and bonuses and terrifying bullet dodging. The sort of pixel-perfect precision that I can't do , but for everyone out there begging for Treasure to bring their games on Steam, you might want to get clicking on their Greenlight pitch.

Thanks, EG.

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