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Back 4 Blood’s PC settings trailer reveals Nvidia DLSS, ultrawide support and more

Tweak those zombies in 4K at uncapped frame rates

If you have a console gamer in your room, please tell them to avert their eyes, or just send them to the shops for sweets. The latest Back 4 Blood trailer (Left 4 Dead’s younger cousin) is very, very PC based, showing it's pretty much got as many settings as zombies in it. The viscera will be in 4K, and Nvidia DLSS support will make it all flow at gruesomely smooth frame rate.

Of course, they’re all largely graphics settings, but that's what sells. Alongside DLSS, there are uncapped frame rate options, as well as multi-monitor and ultrawide monitor support (quick, someone alert Katharine and her best ultrawide PC games list). I have two monitors, so this directly affects me. Can you remember a time when PC settings were quite this sexy? The Nvidia number crunchers and the AMD artists are truly the rockstars of today.

I'm being silly about console owners, btw. We should all just get along and play the game together, because it has cross play. So go on, invite your console cousin back into the room and tell them we'll be stood side-by-side, mauling zombies and quipping about guts. Provided they wait the necessary 20 mins to allow you to fiddle with all those settings.

You’ll be able to see how all these settings work together in August. If you’ve pre-ordered the game, you get into the beta running from August 5th-9th, and a few select people will be plucked from the beta list to complete the numbers. Everyone else will be allowed to play from August 12th-16th.

The full game is set for release on October 12th, via Microsoft Store, Steam and Epic Games Store.

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Back 4 Blood

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