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Back 4 Blood shows off first expansion's new characters and meat labyrinth

Glory to the flesh, glory to the mass

A new Back 4 Blood trailer gives a look at the new characters, enemies, and weapons of its upcoming first paid expansion, but forget all that. Far more important is that apparently, the new tunnels in the Tunnels Of Terror DLC are made of meat? A meatmaze? A spiralling meathell? A non-stop exploration of guts? What a feast!

From System Shock 2 to Vampire Bloodlines, I am perhaps a little over-enthusiastic about fleshy architecture. I just think it's neat. I think Back 4 Blood's new guts are good too.

The meatmazes are the setting for Ridden Hives, a new cooperative mode delving into seven fleshy dungeons in search of exclusive loot and rewards. Along with the bad vibes of meat, these house new 'Warped Ridden' enemies, three new big baddies who'll also be playable in PvP Swarm mode. But did I mention there's meat too? Splendid.

The expansion will also add new playable characters Sharice and Heng. She's an axe-swinging firefighter with defensive buffs, and he's a knife-wielding restaurateur with abilities to sense nearby gear and hive entrances. Plus new weapons, new cards, new weapon skins, and other bits.

Tunnels Of Terror will launch next Tuesday, the 12th of April. It will cost money (and not be covered by Game Pass, unlike the base game) but only one player in a party need own it for everyone else to join in. The DLC season pass, including this plus two other upcoming add-ons, costs £35/€40/$40.

Also launching alongside the paid newness is a free update which includes a new mega-touch difficulty mode, No Hope.

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Back 4 Blood

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