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Badland Coming To PC

Sidescrolling prettiness

Gorgeously atmospheric sidescrolling float-em-up Badland [official site] began life as a tadpole on iOS. It has made a fair few ripples since it appeared in the App Store, picking up a bevy of awards. And now, after much splashing about on mobile devices, the game is making a spring migration for the bigger waters of the PC, the - pfft. Who cares about consoles? Let’s carry on.

Badland, for those not already in the know, is this lovely adventure that will have you guiding a furry black thing through a lush, fairy-tale forest to some enigmatic goal. Your objective is to the right side of the screen before the left side can crush you into a pixelated pulp. As is the case with such things, there will be obstacles to deal with, hazards to puzzle through. Your feathered companion is thankfully endowed with some unique prowess to help him through these dangers. It can be enlarged significantly, or even reduced to a horde of teeny, tiny little puffballs. You’ll accrue friends as you pass by too, and they act as a barometer of health. Lose all of the little creatures, and you'll restart the level.

The Badland that is making an appearance on the PC won’t be your everyday Badland. Instead, it’s going to be a Game of the Year Edition with souped-up graphics, four times more content than before, and 27 multiplayer deathmatch stages. (Why does everything have to end in death? Why, why, why - ahem.)

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