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Bam! Pow! Overwatch gets graphic with Tracer's Comic Challenge

A real page-turner.

Super-powered heroes? Nefarious evil organisations? Dubious allegories to real-world oppression? Overwatch is already basically a comic book series, so why not lean all the way into that? This month, Blizzard are doing just that. Tracer's Comic Challenge is a graphic two-week event for picking up some themed cosmetics, running alongside the release of a new webcomic starring everyone's favourite spatially-unbound Londoner.

First things first, the London Calling comic. I'm no up on my Overwatch lore, but it seems Tracer's dealing with her post-Overwatch-disbanding blues by meeting cool crime robots, gushing over The Ramones, and oi luv it's aw proper Lahndun and that, innit?

If you've been following Overwatch's "Challenge" events so far, you'll know how this works. Win 3, 6 or 9 games over the course of the event, and you'll unlock increasingly flashy cosmetics - a player icon, spray and legendary skin, respectively. The skin itself is suitably slick, a pop-art blue and pick affair with bleach-white hair and "kapow!" stickers all over her time-gloves.

If you don't feel like actually playing Overwatch (hey), you can also tune into select Twitch streams to passively earn some goodies. You'll need to link your Blizzard and Twitch accounts, obvs, but there are some delightfully daft biff-bam-pow sprays to pick up if you do. Any stream running in the Overwatch category will be eligible for rewards, so take your pick and leave it running for a few hours.

Tracer's Comic Challenge is a little shorter than usual, kicking off today and running through 'til September 28th. Mind that you can't just rewind time if you don't get your wins in before the deadline.

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