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Bandai Namco are hosting an Elden Ring jazz concert

Boogie like you're in the Lands Between

In a bizarre turn of events, Bandai Namco will stream a special jazz arrangement featuring select songs and "recognisable melodies" from Elden Ring's soundtrack. The event will be performed by a group of musicians led by award winner Kenny Garrett and upcomer Takuya Kuroda, so it's safe to assume the cats will really be cookin' out there. Although is Elden Ring's music all that memorable?

Elden Ring: A Night In The Lands Between takes place on 3rd December at The Bourbon Room in Los Angeles. If you'd like to watch the stream from the comfort of your own home, then you'll only be able to do so from the US unfortunately. It'll cost you a minimum of $25, with the VOD costing $15 if you'd rather boogie woogie at a later date. These tickets are available to nab right now.

You can also buy in-person tickets to the concert right now, with the minimum cost for entry sitting at $75 which'll label you as a lowly "Tarnished". If you'd like to rock up to the concert as an "Elden Lord", it'll cost you $200, which nets you extras like a poster, a t-shirt, dinner (presumably pickled Turtle Neck on a bed of Rowa Berries), and access to VIP seating.

Maybe Bamco's Elden Ring jazz concert isn't all that impromptu? Not long ago Bamco launched their own music label, releasing both Elden Ring and Tales Of Arise OSTs on every platform you could think of. Money is obviously the main motivator here, and you'd think they want to take advantage of their tunes like Square Enix who've sold music from their games for years. Not to mention that this Elden Ring concert is a nice bit of marketing, akin to tooting your own horn in this context.

I just can’t help but think that Elden Ring doesn't have that memorable a soundtrack, sorry. I know the one that has a big "dun dun du-du-du dun" from the trailers, but all the rest kind of blend into one moody mix. I wonder if the length of the game and the sheer number of areas and bosses contributes to my detachment from the OST, or because 99% of the time I was fighting for my life and didn't have time to pay attention to it. Maybe jazz can make some of its tunes really stand out.

I would've loved to have heard a jazz arrangement of Bloodborne: The Old Hunters' soundtrack (the game's DLC OST which doesn't seem to be on Spotify here in the UK), all things considered. Ludwig and Laurence's boss tracks are outstanding. There's always next time, I suppose.

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