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Batman: Arkham Knight Defeated By Calendar Man

As in, it's been delayed.

Batman is well known for having some of the best villains in comics, but there are far more that are less well-known though, for one reason or another. Calendar Man for example is a villain whose crimes are related to the day upon which they're committed. That sounds like the kind of thing I can tenuously relate to news that Batman: Arkham Knight [official site] has been delayed from June 2nd to June 23rd. There's a new, seven-minute video of Batpunching below.

Hey Batman! Stop being such a jerk and say goodbye to people at the end of conversations, eh? There's no reason to flounce away when they're obviously not done talking. What if Jim had a really important piece of information still to give you? This is becoming like American TV shows and phone conversations.

I grew tired of Batman: Arkham Asylum around its midway point and Arkham City wasn't substantially different to make me want to stick with it past the first few hours. Still, the combat in all of these games is good enough that if I was in the mood for beating people up, it's still probably what I'd play. On the evidence of this video, Arkham Knight looks likely to have that same, heavily copied, slick movement as you shift between punching one man to cape-ing and kicking another.

The marque addition here is obviously the Batmobile, though I'm not sure whether that's enough to make the game suddenly fresh again. Do you need it to?

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Batman: Arkham Knight

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