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Batman: Arkham Knight Maybe Back Out In A Few Weeks

Vague news

"Coo-ee! Is that the Batcar from the Batfilms?" you might wonder. "That'll be more Batman: Arkham Knight [official site] DLC, I'm sure," you'll intuit, and I'll be both impressed and a bit weirded out by your adherence to RPS formatting. "But what does this matter to us when the game still isn't back on sale on PC?" I'm glad you asked!

The announcement of yet more Batknight DLC has also brought the clearest indication we've had of when the game's performance woes will be fixed and it'll be released again: "in the coming weeks."

That still-vague mention comes from the press release detailing all this new Batstuff. Maybe we'll learn more if I quote the full and complete section about BatPC: "The PC version of the game will be available in the coming weeks." Maybe not.

Batman: Arkham Knight was a shambles at launch back in June, enough that Warner Bros. pulled the game from sale. They should've never released the game in that state at all but hey, we can't turn back time (we can't find a way) so that'll have to do. At least the game worked well for some folks who'd bought it, and a few patches released since then have helped others too. Presumably we're now one big patch and a whole lot of testing away from the game being re-released.

Oh, that DLC? Yeah, you get to drive the Tumbler (which is itself quite popular on Tumblr, where folks do adore expensive black angular lumps of technology) on two levels inspired by the movie, including That Car Chase. Well, you will when the DLC comes to PC - Warner Bros. haven't released any of it while the game's in this weird limbo. Here's a vid of the Tumblr and some other upcoming DLC:

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Batman: Arkham Knight

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