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Batman Swings Into Wolfenstein 3D With New Mod

Na na n- yeah go on then

Some folks seem surprised that Doom levels and mods are still being made but, as Andrew Lloyd Webber taught us, love never dies. People are still making Wolfenstein 3D mods, you know. Why, just the other week, a new Wolfenstein total conversion came out!

I point out Batman: No Man's Land [ModDB page] partially because I smiled seeing a new Wolf3D mod pop up in my feeds, and partially because I've been here almost a year and still not posted about Wolf3D (well, not properly). Sorry. I suppose I'll mention a few other Wolfenstein bits too.

First, No Man's Land. It sees Batman roaming around an earthquake-smashed Gotham (half-based on the comic arc of the same name), beating up thugs, freeing hostages, and collecting Batmemorabilia for points. It feels as Batman-y as one can reasonably achieve on Wolfenstein 3D foundations, and does a decent job of looking like a trashed city. One touch I enjoyed discovering is Bats can pick up lids from bins to hurl at enemies. Very authentic, the Batbinlids.

It's a standalone mod too, coming with an engine port that works fine on modern versions of Windows. I enjoyed my time playing, delighting in the novelty, but had to stop after getting stuck between two locked doors. If you dig it, hey, it's sequel to Batman vs. Bane so there's that too.

Other Wolf3D things: I've always meant to tell more people about Northern Darkness, a mod about a black metal band which includes pleasingly hacky driving sections - look at this wild thing.

Looking at that again made me stumble across Witching Hour, a horror mod set in a decent-looking forest, which I've downloaded to have a crack.

What else? Oh! After going on about readme files, I tried to make a video of the violence-removing Wolf3D mod but it's quite crashy. Shame, that.

Er, let's see. Ah! If you want to follow new Wolf3D odds and ends, fan site The Wolfenstein 3D Dome seems a pretty good place to start. I'm certain many fine mods and levels more conventional than Batman are still being made.

Fun fact: the first game Zeno Clash makers ACE Team released was a Batman mod for Doom II.

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