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Battlefield 1's Fall Update rolling out like autumn mist

War sometimes changes

Bad autumn news: everything is flipping freezing and wet and god it's barely 4pm but the sun's down this is miserable. Good autumn news: at least it means a new seasonal update for Battlefield 1 [official site]. Developers Dice today launch the World War 1 shooter's Fall Update*, which rebalances Operations mode, tweaks the Suez Conquest map, fixes plenty of bugs, and generally has a good rummage in the game's guts.

The patch notes go into detail on everything. You'll find words on rebalancing Operations mode:

"It's clear that attackers need a boost. To increase the effectiveness of the attacking team, we are increasing the overall tickets for both Operations & Grand Operations. In addition, we are also making it somewhat easier to capture sectors as an attacker by reducing the amount of time it takes to capture a flags in Operations & Grand Operations. We've also increased the minimum tickets regained in grand operations to from 30 to 50, as well as increased the amount of tickets regained from killing retreating defenders. This will give more of a fighting chance to capture the next sector after previously capturing a sector while having very few tickets left."

Also words about rebalancing Suez:

"We will be adding two more flags to the layout, this should result in one team not being able to capture and lock down all flags as easy as before. In addition, we also noticed that it was very difficult to re-capture flags within the capture areas located in the village areas. To solve this we've reduced the capture size of these areas to include less buildings. The result of this should make the flags somewhat easier to capture and make sure that a team that has lost and been pushed out of the villages can easier re-capture them and get back into the fight. In addition, to help a team that has been pushed back all the way to their HQ, we’ve added an armored car that players can use to break out of the HQ and flank the opposing team."

And other exciting words like "Fixes for several DX12 crashes" and "Several CPU optimizations" and "Turned off doppler effect on horses."

You can also find the patch notes as a 12-page PDF with a fancy background. It looks so professional I reckon no one at work would notice if you printed that on the nice printer, the one they use when trying to impress people, for reading on the train home. Laminate it and everything. Everyone will think you're some sort of business expert. Hark at you!

* A note for native RPS readers: 'fall' is the American English term for 'autumn', named for everyone slipping on wet leaves and falling on their botties**. -bilingual ed.

** A note for American English RPS readers: 'botty' is an English term for 'fanny'***.

*** Back to native RPS readers: haha 'fanny'! Amazing scenes.

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