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The best Battlefield 2042 loadout and class setups

Discover the best Battlefield 2042 loadout and class setups

Want to know the best loadout in Battlefield 2042? Battlefield 2042 is filled with all the FPS goodies that you'd expect - you shoot a lot, you die a lot. That's not how it has to be all the time, though. With the best loadouts to hand, you can dominate on the Battlefield and clutch up plenty of kills. Not that there's a scoreboard to climb, mind you. Still, it's always fun to get all the kills and know you're doing well, even if you can't brag about it to everyone else.

Battlefield has received plenty of tweaks and changes with various patches since launch. The PP-29, mentioned in one of the loadouts below, has been nerfed, but still remains at the top of the meta. These are the best loadouts in Battlefield 2042 right now, and we will continue to update them regularly as we draw closer to season 1, which should launch with new guns, maps, and a battle pass in early 2022.

Battlefield 2042 best loadout

Here, you can find the best Battlefield 2042 loadout and class setups in Battlefield 2042 at launch:

Each loadout contains a primary and secondary weapon that have been selected to complement each other, offering you more versatility in Battlefield 2042. Below, we’ll break each loadout down, covering which attachments, gadgets, and throwables you should use, as well as the best character for each loadout.

The PP-29 SMG pictured in the Battlefield 2042 loadout screen.

Battlefield 2042 best PP-29 loadout

The PP-29 and M44 are a formidable pair. While the PP-29 doesn't offer the same laser accuracy as it did at launch, the high damage and fast fire rate still make it one of the best guns in Battlefield 2042. The latest patch increased the vertical recoil which is hard to manage, but this setup should offer the most accurate PP-29 that can still rapidly drop enemies.

  • Sight: UH-1 Smart 1.5x
  • Magazine: Standard Mag
  • Underbarrel: Default
  • Barrel: Arcom Tactical Muzzle Brake

The PP-29 will rip enemies apart before they even react. However, if you run out of ammo, you’ll need a secondary that packs an equal punch. The M44 magnum will kill enemies with just one headshot, making it the perfect sidearm to have holstered away for a dangerous situation.

Best gadget and throwable to use with the PP-29

This PP-29 loadout focuses on quickly running around and causing lots of destruction. You can quickly dart between objectives, rinsing enemy teams and ruining their offensive strategies. However, there’s one thing that can stop you in your tracks. Vehicles. Big, whopping tanks that blow you to smithereens before you can even try to run away. With this loadout, you won’t just be running away. Instead, run straight at the tank and throw a few C5 Explosives. Then, turn back and detonate your C5 charges as you run away, leaving behind nothing but the burning wreckage of a tank. In this man vs machine scenario, you can come out on top.

So that covers your gadget. For your throwable, we recommend taking the Incendiary Grenade. As you run into buildings to flush out enemy squads and clear objectives, you can throw one of these fiery bombs into the chaos to deal damage to multiple enemies at once. Then, pull out your PP-29 and pop off to finish the rest of the squad. If you really want to embrace the sheer pandemonium of Battlefield, toss in one of those C5 explosives and watch as the building crumbles into ruins.

Best character to use with the PP-29

There’s only one character that we recommend using with the PP-29, and it’s Sundance. Her Grenade Belt gadget allows you to adapt to any scenario, regardless of whether you're facing a squad of enemies, an attack chopper, or a tank. This makes Sundance the best specialist in Battlefield 2042. The front door looks a little busy? Chuck in the Scatter grenade to wipe out any enemies nearby. Tank rolling up the road? Toss a few anti-vehicle grenades into the air and watch them rain down. The PP-29 might not be equipped to deal with those situations, making Sundance's Grenade Belt invaluable. Combine this with her Wingsuit, which lets you glide across the map with ease, and you have the best assault loadout in Battlefield 2042.

The SVK Sniper Rifle pictured in the Battlefield 2042 loadout screen.

Battlefield 2042 best SVK loadout

The SVK and MP28 offer a much more subdued playstyle. Rather than getting up close and personal with the enemy team, you can pick them off from a comfy sniper nest in the distance. This Marksman Rifle is currently reigning supreme over any other long-range weapon in the meta, thanks to its easy one-shot kill potential and fast fire rate when compared to the clunkier Sniper Rifles. Use the attachments listed below to unlock its full potential:

  • Sight: SDB 10X
  • Magazine: High Power
  • Underbarrel: LWG Grip
  • Barrel: Extended Barrel

Of course, you can’t rely on enemies always staying 200m away. If a squad gets close, you can quickly switch to your MP28 machine pistol and shred the enemies into pieces. This will also make you much more nimble, so you can get into your SMG mindset and jump around to really throw the enemies off.

Best gadget and throwable to use with the SVK

As you hold back to support your allies from afar, they’ll push up and capture objectives. You can’t trust someone to sit back and chuck down an ammo box whenever you need it, so we recommend bringing one along to do it yourself. The Ammo Crate will ensure you always have plenty of ammo so that you can snipe away all day long.

You won’t be the only sniper in the field. If you look up and see that dreaded glint pointing at you, then get ready for a 1v1 snipers-only deathmatch right in the middle of Battlefield. It’s basically Duel Of The Fates, but with fewer lightsabers and more light reflecting off your scopes. If this happens, throw down a quick Smoke Grenade and run to find another vantage point. This will confuse your dueling partner and give you time to set up elsewhere before cracking their skull with a well-timed headshot.

Best character to use with the SVK

Casper is the best character for this sniping loadout. His Recon Drone gadget allows you to scan ahead and easily mark entire groups of enemies, so you can spend less time squinting while trying to pick out enemies in the distance, and more time lining up the perfect kill.

Casper also benefits from the passive Movement Sensor ability, which sends an alert to your HUD when you get flanked by a nearby enemy. When you see the alert pop up, you can quickly switch to your sidearm and start leaping around with your MP28 to pull off the perfect kill.

LCMG displayed in the Battlefield 2042 loadout screen. Other weapons can be seen pictured at the bottom. Text on the left describes the LCMG.

Battlefield 2042 best LCMG loadout

The LCMG and G57 offer a perfect blend of range, power, and speed that you can use to dominate at any range. The LCMG is incredibly powerful and surprisingly accurate, so you can use it to suppress the enemy team from a distance, or get up close and shred them to pieces. The following attachments allow you to remain accurate at any range, with multiple options that you can switch between depending on your current plan:

  • Sight: UH-1 Smart 1.5X/Shan 2.5X
  • Magazine: Close Combat/Extended Mag
  • Underbarrel: Cobra Grip/40MM Smoke
  • Barrel: Warhawk Compensator/Extended Barrel

The LCMG’s biggest weakness is that it’s clunky, like all LMGs. Fortunately, you have the G57 in your holster and it’s ready and raring to go. The G57 offers both a single-fire and burst-fire mode, so you can switch between the two depending on how close your enemy is. If you run out of ammo, or just need an extra pep in your step to surprise the enemy, then the G57 is the perfect secondary to have.

Best gadget and throwable to use with the LCMG

When you start chewing apart the scenery with your LCMG, enemies are going to notice. You can expect a torrent of bullets to come right back in your direction, so we recommend taking some Armor Plates along to every fight. You can use these to get an extra chunk of health, making you more resilient and able to soak in just a few more bullets. That might not seem like much, but it could be the difference between ducking down for cover with a sliver of health left and having your head blown clean off.

If you’re struggling to suppress a group of enemies and need some extra firepower to flush them out of their hole, we recommend taking the Incendiary Grenade. Just like in the PP-29 loadout earlier in this guide, it is the perfect tool for forcing enemies to relocate, and you can strike amidst the chaos to finish them off with your LCMG.

Best character to use with the LCMG

Irish is the best character to use in this LCMG loadout. His Veteran ability helps you find extra armor plates scattered around on enemy bodies, which is certainly useful, but his Fortification System gadget is Irish’s biggest strength. It allows you to quickly throw down barricades that will soak in enemy bullets and give you cover wherever you need it. This is ideal for an offensive loadout like this, as you can push up to enemy objectives and quickly place down cover as squads roll up to defend.

That covers everything you need to know to create the best loadout setups in Battlefield 2042. If you want to prime yourself before hopping into multiplayer, check out our list of tips and tricks. If you prefer to fight from above, take a look at our guide on how to fly jets and helicopters in Battlefield 2042.

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