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To Your Left A Bit: Battlefield 4's Community Map Today

You asked for this

What sort of level would you most like to see in a video game? DICE asked the whole Battlefield 4 [official site] community, and design by committee has produced a spooky jungle map where monkey virus research has gone wrong. That... sounds about what I'd expect.

Hardline may be the shiniest Battlefield around, but 2013's BF4 is still kicking. For folks more into army men then cops and robbers, an update is out today bringing a new map DICE made based around player feedback and votes: Operation Outbreak.

Today brings the traditional autumn update to Battlefield 4, tweaking and fixing a whole load of things. What's being changed is secret until launch - in a few hours, I'd imagine - but a DICE chap says the patch notes are 28 pages long, so probably quite a lot. These updates tend to shake up balance a fair bit. I'll pop in a link here once it's out.

Launching alongside that is Operation Outbreak, the Community Map Project. DICE threw polls out for players to vote on setting, size, and all that. "In the end, your votes created a jungle map that was highly destructible, infantry focused, and medium-sized," they say. Then they added bits and pieces and tweaked things based on feedback, such as plopping in a temple. What things we can make when we work together!

The update should download itself, but Outbreak will be a separate download so do watch for that in Origin once the pair hit. Here, have a trailer showing a bit of Outbreak:

And here's a trailer made for DICE by Battlefans 'The Two Scotsmen':

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