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Battlefield 4 And Battlefield Hardline Giving DLC For Free

Will this make you return?

Electronic Arts plan to announce this year's new Battlefield game on Friday, but before then are shaking hands with Battlefield players, kissing their babies, and blasting free DLC at them out of air cannons. The old Battlefield 4 multiplayer Dragon's Tooth DLC and cops & robbers spin-off Battlefield Hardline's multiplayer Robbery DLC are both free to keep forever if you grab 'em by next Tuesday, May 10th. More freebies are due over the next few months.

Dragon's Teeth adds four new maps in Asian Pacific-y urban areas, along with the new 'Chain Link' game mode and some new weapons, gadgets, and whatnot. You can nab it free from Origin.

Hardline's Robbery, as the name suggests, adds four new thieftastic maps, including one in a museum with DINOSAUR SKELETONS, along with the 'Squad Heist' mode, and new weapons and gadgets and vehicles and so on. Nab it here on Origin.

EA say to expect more old DLCs becoming free "over the next few months". I'm not sure how many people will be interested in this, are still interested in Battlefield 4 but haven't touched the DLC in two years, but hey, it's free and maybe you fancy swinging back to the Battlefield to see what's what. Special Community Missions are running for the next week too, offering a Gold Battlepack to everyone in BF4 if they get 2.5 million melee kills together, and a Gold Battlepack in Hardline if players score 300,000 points in Heist mode.

Anywho! Any predictions or hope for the next Battlefield, anyone?

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