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Battlefield 5 adds two new maps, plus you can play for free 'til Sunday

Batten the war hatches

It's almost as if they planned it. Here I am, lamenting Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's lacklustre attempt to mirror Battlefield's large scale conflict with its new "Ground War" mode. There go Dice, whacking in two new maps plus a handful of weapons and vehicles to Battlefield 5 as part of yesterday's update. They've opened up the Pacific front, and my pals are murmuring about returning.

In a two-pronged attack, Dice have also opened their war doors for free 'til Sunday. I think those murmurs might be widespread.

The two new maps are Iwo Jima and Pacific Storm. Iwo Jima is a remake of the same map from Battlefield 1942, which was before my time. Dice call it an island-based "iconic king-of-the-hill battle" with boats and planes and tanks. I'd expect nothing less.

Pacific Storm is new, but Dice note that Battlefield 4 players will "see shades of the classic map Parcel Storm". Visitors to Pacific Storm will face a pacific storm, messing with sightlines and getting soldiers damp. Battlefield V's weather can be properly impressive, and I do look forward to seeing a downpour so big the map's named after it. Dice have also teased Wake Island for December, yet another island map originally from Battlefield 1942, featuring an "iconic, horseshoe-shaped layout".

Fans of iconic classicness will be pleased to hear the new weapons and vehicles are also, apparently, both. There are too many to detail, but I will mention the amphibious tanks. Can't go wrong with amphibious tanks.

As you'll see if you visit the announcement page, there are also new cosmetics, vehicle specialisations, summonable ordinances, and "battle pickups". That means there are katanas lying around the new maps. Sounds class.

The free trial is available via Origin until Sunday.

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