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Battlefield Heroes Does The Robot

Battlefield Heroes has always felt like the poor man's TF2. But it keeps on fighting on, and today has just added the option to play as a robot. Accompanying this comes a new video, explaining the story behind this. Dr. Doktor (wacky!) is determined to beat the Royals by bringing in a robotic army, after winning the gold medal for cycling at the Olympics... Huh?

It sort of feels a bit desperate, which is a shame. The overt wackiness attempts to force the sort of playful silliness that Valve encapsulates with such ease, and it leaves me with my top lip curled. Well, see the video:

Of course, if you're a regular BFH player, then here's your chance to add a bit more variety to your play, if you're willing to add a bit more money to their pot. Although not enormously impressively, at the time of writing trying to buy the Destroyer Drone's Set leads to a 404.

If you do buy, a set will cost you 12,999 Play4Free points, with the closest purchasable points available in volumes of 12,000 or 15,000. Which means they're pulling the same scummy trick as Microsoft, forcing you to buy 15,000 points at £11.99, the not-quite-there 12,000 being £7.99. Or you could get another 2,000 for £1.75, which is a far poorer exchange rate... It's really the most novel use of the phrase "Play4Free" I've ever seen. Points that when bought mean you can play for free. Right.

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