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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 delayed into 2019


With September dropping out of warp in only a few hours, the publishers of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 today announced that ah, no, the spaceship-battling RTS will not launch in September after all. It's delayed into January 2019 to allow extra time to polish and improve it (hot tip: paint the game red, it'll run faster), as is the usual delay way. But! The developers plan to use this time to expand the planned cooperative support into its three story campaigns, so that's nice. You can use this time to practise your Tyranid gurglegrowling for top Skype fun with your pal.

The delay will let developers Tindalos Interactive "polish the game and bring all their ambitions to life after the great success met by the first game," according to today's announcement. So far, so standard. The good bit is that supposedly they'll also use this time to add cooperative multiplayer support to all three of the story campaigns: Tyranids, Necrons, and Imperium.

The sequel has more factions beyond the three playable in the campaigns, mind. Multiplayer rumbling will have twelve fleets, with your Ork and Eldar and Rude Eldar and Tau and whatnot from ye olde Games Workshop tabletop wargame too. Say hullo to 'em in this new trailer:

For a reminder of what all this is about and what the first game was up to, check out our Battlefleet Gothic: Armada review. In short, all the Warhammer 40k folks fight each other with real big and silly spaceships.

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 is due to launch some time in January 2019, coming via Steam at £35/€40/$40. It's made by Tindalos Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive.

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