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Battlerite Gets Two Champs In Friday's Halloween Update


Battlerite [official site] has got Hallowe'en all wrong. To celebrate The Big Spooky, the top-down team brawler is preparing to add two new characters tomorrow. That's not how Hallowe'en goes. You're supposed to menace players, Stunlock Studios. Force them to give you two new characters under threat of a good egging/spooking/kicking. Sure, I've heard that Battlerite - the spiritual successor to Bloodline Champions - is a lovely game, even in early access, but this seems wrong. We can only hope that Jumong, 'The Beast Hunter', and Ruh Kaan, 'The Crypt Warden', are cursed. Maybe everyone who plays them will melt into snakes and insects.

Here's Ruh Kaan, who certainly looks a Hallowe'eny:

And here's Jumong:

Hey kids, why not make yourself a Jumong costume for Hallowe'en? Cut up that fakefur sofa throw from the lounge to be his bear cape, smash some eggs around the rim for teeth, then make a bow out of a coat hanger.

The Halloween update, patch 0.8, will also bring a new map, special Hallowe'en items, and an unranked matchmaking option.

Battlerite is on Steam Early Access for £14.99/19,99€/$19.99, made by Bloodlines Champs devs Stunlock Studios. I've not played it myself yetbut amateur Graham Smith lookalike Matt Cox was well into it. "If you’ve ever enjoyed a teamfight in a MOBA, I can guarantee you'll get a kick out of Battlerite," says he.

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