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FTL-A-Like Battlestation: Harbinger Out Now 

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If you're a fan of space games and own one of those fancy portable cellular telephones all the cool kids are carrying around these days, you may have already heard of Battlestation: Harbinger [official site]. After a warm reception post-release last August, developers Bugbyte ran a successful Kickstarter campaign a couple of months later to bring an "Extended Edition" to PC with new features and missions and such. That version is out now.

Battlestation: Harbinger poses a familiar conceit: we've reached an age where space travel is possible, humans aren't very good at it, and alien lifeforms really don't like us. Assuming the role of a young commander tasked with exploring enemy territories, you'll take part in a hard sci-fi turn-based roguelike affair similar in style and makeup to the likes of FTL and Out There.

Here's a man with a charismatic voice explaining how some of that works in practice:

Unlike some mobile-to-PC ports, the successful crowdfunding campaign has ensured Harbinger's Enhanced Edition feels fresh, as it adds a string of changes to the original small screen variation. Notable changes to the PC adaptation include an entirely reworked interface; the introduction of three new races; environmental tweaks, such as the addition of black holes and electromagnetic storms; new weaponry, such as vulcan canons, photon torpedoes and death rays; and new ships such as the BSE Excalibur and the BSE Harbinger.

Battlestation: Harbinger is out now on Steam for the discounted price of £5.59.

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