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Battlestations Everyone

Gracious, it's been almost a year since we last mentioned Battlestations: Pacific. The sequel to Midway's WW2-based plane-and-boat flysailing should be with us by spring, once again trying to evoke fond memories of Carrier Command (I'm told - I've never played it. I know! I'm unbelievable), this time in a battlefieldsea twice as big as Midway's acreage.

Along with a new trailer (below, of course), Eidos have today announced a... well, I'll use their words. A "new community-focused destination site." I think that might be it for the English language. Pack it up everyone, it's broken forever now.

The game picks up where Midway ended, letting you carry on the Pacific-based warfare, either in a historically accurate manner if playing as the Americans, or in a rather historically defiant fashion if you play as the Japanese. Of course, since Michael Bay made Pearl Harbour in 2001, it's been legitimate to be on the Japanese side over the matter, and here you'll get to take vicious revenge.

Investigating into the "destination site" gobdrivel, it appears to be, er, a website about the game. Eidos explain it further saying it's,

"a feature-rich destination for information, entertainment and discussion on this anticipated sequel. News, screens and movies on the game will be accompanied by in-depth developer blogs, podcasts, exclusive website competitions and Eidos-hosted Battlestations: Midway multiplayer sessions, allowing fans of the game a chance to brush up on their skills before the launch of Battlestations: Pacific."

It's not working for me as I write this, but should it ever, it will be here.

Meanwhile, here's the trailer. It's looking pretty nifty, too.

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