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Battlestations: Pacific At 7 O'Clock!

It's battle of the new Battles today. Eidos have revealed details about the new Battlestations game, Battlestations: Pacific.

Details and screenshots below.

Last year's Battlestations: Midway was met with a slightly muted reception. You could take control of planes, boats, submarines, etc, in a large-scale depiction of the battles between America and Japan. Think Carrier Command, where you could control the action at a strategic distance, or leap into the controls of any unit involved. Most reviews recognised the sheer volume of detail, but were disappointed by the lack of space and depth.

It seems that a lot of this is to be recognised in Pacific, not least by its doubling in size, with twice the number of available missions. The World War II strategic action will carry on from where it left off, and add in a new twist.


Eidos explains,

"As the Americans, the game picks up the story where Battlestations: Midway left off and allows players to fight their way from The Battle of Midway to Okinawa as they try to secure peace in the Pacific. As the Japanese however, players take control of the Imperial Japanese fleet and have the unique chance to fight at Pearl Harbor before attempting to change the course of history and take full control of the Pacific Ocean."

We like changing the course of history at RPS, but we're constantly in trouble with the Time Police. Sorry about saving the lives of Paul Daniels and Debbie Magee in 1987, by the way.


In a confusing declaration, the Eidos "Brand Manager" (what a strangely ugly job title), Trevor Burrows, proclaims,

“Battlestations: Pacific is even bigger, more authentic and innovative than ever before, taking the Battlestations franchise to the next level and allowing players to relive some of the most memorable battles in modern history, as well as gain an insight into what could have been, should Japan have gained the upper hand against the United States."

How exactly is that "more authentic"? But I'm being picky.

It's being developed for the PC and 360, with lots of attention being paid to online shennanigans, as you'd hope. There's no release date yet, but you can bet your bum it'll be late this year.

Screenshots? Why, over here.

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Battlestations: Pacific

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