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Be Brutally Murdered By Max Payne

Marketing! What can't/won't it do? One thing it can and will do is promote a videogame on Twitter with the sweet promise of having your face be transplanted onto an in-game character model. Specifically, a character model in Max Payne 3, which might well mean that the winners will be gunned down by Max on one of his righteous rampages. Let's just hope it's suave Max rather than fat Max, eh?

So use the #MaxPayne3 hashtag and follow @rockstargames on Twitter, and Rockstar will pick a few lucky amateur marketeers to be "considered" for the role of eight multiplayer avatars in the shooty slo-mo deathathon. 10 people will be chosen every week until Jan 13, but they'll then have to send their photos to Rockstar to be scrutinised/mocked/leched over, so it's not entirely democratic. If you don't look suitably gang-y, I'm not sure I fancy your chances.

Full details here.

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