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Beat Down: Bit.Trip Runner Out

A second Bit Trip game has come locking and popping its way over to PC from its Wiiware beginnings! That said, Bit.Trip Runner is technically the fourth game in the rhythm action series, but I won't care about that if you don't. It's currently enjoying a 10% off sale to celebrate being nominated as an IGF Finalist, and a list of new PC-exclusive features plus some footage awaits you after the jump.

Pow! We're getting:

* HD graphics
* Online Leaderboards
* Achievements
* New Difficulty Modes

New difficulty modes is the big one there, since that amounts to a whole new set of levels. Very nice. I've just added this to the growing list of indie games I really really need to take a look at. Bit.Trip Runner! Meet Star Control 2, Shores of Hazeron, Gemini Rue, Free Allegiance, Hegemony Gold, Gemini Wars, Fate of the World and Din's Curse. Are you guys OK for food? Drinks? Great. See you all soon.

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