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Because I Only Just Noticed It: Tricky Truck

Okay, it's time to stop. I've found the best game ever. And I've not even played it yet. The fine Mr Cameron IMs me saying, "Euro Truck Simulator, eat your heart out," and he's right. In fact, everything else, eat your heart out. Tricky Truck is a game about driving a giant, heavy lorry across tracks that look like they were built by a Trackmania fan who only had concrete. Oh! It's from Gravitysensation, the guys who did Sumotori Dreams! Right, I'm going to play it - see if my enthusiasm is correctly placed, or if I was right to be a bit worried by a website that looks like it's been run through that Geocities filter. (And before anyone says, I know full well that Kieron posted about this last August, but no one took any notice, including me, so I'm highlighting it all over again. And we'll keep posting it until you care. It's only your time you're wasting.)

Hooray! It's sort of fantastically badly brilliantly good! It's essentially an elaborate truck parking simulator, but where the roads to the parking stop were designed by Dali. And perhaps most importantly, has levels called Wall Jump and Death Slope. It's full of drunken physics. And it's rather fun.

I think what has been most clearly highlighted about this is that I should never, ever be allowed to drive a truck. Or even a car pulling a trailer.

It's also free to an extent. If you pay you get five more trucks, and a whole bunch more levels. It's $12.90 for the full thing, or oddly if you only want it for 45 days you'll only need to pay $5.40. Have a look at a whole bunch of footage of it:

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Tricky Truck

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