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Become a rad assassin or peaceful doctor in open world wuxia RPG Where Winds Meet

Wuxia looking at? The new trailer for Where Winds Meet

Where Winds Meet is a third-person open-world action RPG set in good ol’ medieval China. How do I know that? Because Gamescom Opening Night Live showed the first trailer today. The game is set during China’s Ten Kingdoms period, and the kind of supernatural abilities you’d only find in a wuxia movie. Watch it for yourself below.

Where Winds Meet is an open-world action RPG set in China's Ten Kingdoms period.

The trailer for Where Winds Meet was the only one at today’s Gamecom opener that featured the word balustrades, which wins it massive points for fanciness. It was very dramatic, with moonlit lakes and buildings being set alight by fallen candles. There was poetry and petals flying into air. I may have shed a single, fat tear while watching.

The cities bustle and you can climb up snow-blasted mountains to high fortresses. It’s pretty cool indeed. In true wuxia style, you’re even able to run across water and double-jump in mid-air.

Everstone told IGN that players can pick a role to fill in the world of Where Winds Meet, ranging from doctors to merchants and even wanderers with no set goals. That last one sounds ideal for me. You’ll also be able to choose different combat styles, including sword fighting, traditional wuxia martial arts and Tai chi. The game also features magic that players can wield.

Where Winds Meet is out on PC at some indefinite point in the future, as the game’s not yet been dated for release.

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Where Winds Meet


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