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Behold! Fresh Website Splendor

Sorry about the current lack of forum integration. But look, the site loads!

Ooh, it changed. There may be bugs. Yes, we've updated the site. We're going to be doing all kinds of new stuff, including more special VIP treatment for subscribers, more events, more interviews, more reviews, more cleverthinks, and so on. All the things that make RPS fun will be staying the same, but there will be more of it, and it will be prettier. This redesign is about making things tidier, cleaner, less broken, but also about introducing some more things that we couldn't do before, like those site skin adverts you see around the web. Yes, boo hiss adverts. Making sure we don't go bankrupt has become an issue, so we're concentrating on making RPS a bit more of a business and a bit less of a charity, because after two years of working pretty hard on this we can safely say we love writing about PC games, and want to do more of this sort of thing.

More about the redesign, including an important message from our designer, below.

James Willock, designer in chief, says:

Greetings readers

I write to you now by licence of the Hivemind. I will keep this message brief as it may be largely boring to those of you only interested in electronic video games.

First off, why the change? There is a large contingent who bemoan any sort of change, but the old site had a good run. This incarnation has been in the pipeline for some time now with the primary goal of improving the overall browsing experience. A lot of time and effort has been expended researching the appropriate fonts, line heights and other text legibility factors. Upshot? Words should be easier on the eyes to read now.

The site is also a bit shinier and more colourful. What's with the nebulae? Well, space is the most common fictional location for games, so it seemed fitting. Future RPS redesigns may take place in sewers or abandoned Miami warehouses.

We also have new technologies. The old forum is dead. It was a horrible Frankenstein's monster of a beast, and no one will lament its loss. In its place we have new, shiny, actually working forum software which is cleverly synchronized with the main site. When an article is posted on the site, it gets automatically posted on the forum. Comments on the post and posts in the forum thread are synchronized to finally bridge the gap between the warring factions. [If you're mourning the loss of all your old posts, a read-only version of the old forum can be found here, incidentally.]

By popular request, threaded comments are now enabled. Okay, only to one depth, but now when your bulky totem is pulsing with rage you can at least point the verbal abuse in the right direction. Some time has also been spent re-imagining some of the old site pages. Check out the About page for a barbershop tribute.

As always your kind comments and bug-splatting is graciously appreciated.

Oh, and you might need to delete your RPS cookies to get into the forum, but you've already registered with the site, you'll already be signed up. (In Firefox go to Tools, Options, Privacy, and click Show Cookies, then search for "rockpapershotgun" and delete any associated with this site. In IE, God knows. It seems you have to faff around inside Documents and Settings\"Administrator"\Cookies to find them. But seriously, isn't it time to switch to Firefox or Chrome?)

Finally, in the spirit of newness, our lovely subscribers will be receiving a regular RPS Newsletter, which will contain all sorts of TOP SECRET INFORMATION. If you don't subscribe, for example, you'll have no idea about the awesome competition for free games we had this morning! Man! Join the cool kids here.

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