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Believe It Or Not: New Alien: Isolation Screenshots

Giger Encounter

Here are some new shots from Sega's merry space rom-com, Alien: Isolation. I believe it's a comeback vehicle for Tim Allen *record-scratch, generic baseline-driven disco* who's about to find out that trying to stalk the daughter of Sigourney Weaver through the bowels of a space station isn't as easy as he imagined. Along the way, he'll find out what it's truly like to be an acid-blooded killing machine in a world that's moved on. I believe the synthetic that's been torn apart in the screens might also be a comeback for Rob Schneider.

Truth be told, these screenshots are a little bit cheaty: one scene has been shot from three different angles, in a cunning and nefarious attempt to fool us, and the clues are there if you look closely. Or if you get some binoculars and look through the wrong end. But I like the chunky retro-futuristic space-tech in there, so I'm posting them. I do hope the little robot in the fourth screenshot isn't voiced by Ian Holm, and it's too early on a Monday morning for me to go into any more details on the reason why.

Alien: Isolation is out this year, but I hear creative differences have shelved Allen: Isolation.

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Alien: Isolation

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