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Ben & Dan Part 3 Revealed

We already knew that uber-indie adventure series Ben & Dan/Time Gentlemen, Please was due for an episodic sequel, but we didn't have a title. And without a title then, why, we are all as dumb as chickens. Now we have a title, which means we are as smart as astrophysicists. More important, there are details on how Zombie-Cow's marvellously funny but, let's be honest, a little traditional, games are evolving a little.

That title? Well, if you've already demonstrated the uncanny ability to read text even when it's contained within an image, you'll have worked that bit out already. If not, a) you've very simple, aren't you? and b) it's "Revenge of the Balloon-Headed Mexican". Which apparently is metaphor-free - as in, the first of these B&D episodes is indeed about a Mexican with a balloon for a head. Splendid.

Furthermore, half-dumb, half-clever heroes Ben and Dan can now be split up, rather than Dan Ben having the lion's share of direct control with occasional Ben Dan-based interludes. Day of The Tentacle-like (I'm guessing, wildly) we'll be able to switch between the two whenever takes our fancy, presumably in the name of dual narratives and arranging more elaborate puzzles. In an age when the most successful adventure games persist in keeping things super-simple in order to woo larger crowds, it's grand that someone's still happy to experiment with complexity.

I was also pleased to hear Zombie Cow claiming things'll be less parodic this time around, as Ben & Dan's awareness that they were inside a game and regular references to Lucasarts adventures occasionally got a bit much, charming though such self-effacement largely was. Zombie Cow are good enough at this to not have to tip their hat to their influences anymore, and it seems as though they're preparing to hold their chins up that much higher with Balloon-Headed Mexican.

A few more details here, though sadly no release date as yet. Give 'em a chance though - Time Gentlemen, Please was only out about five minutes ago.

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