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Bertram Fiddle returns in punny murder mystery A Bleaker Predicklement

Foggy London town

The second episode of the punny Victorian London point-and-click game the Adventures of Bertram Fiddle [official site] is is out now, with plenty of riddles, tea-drinking and strangely-shaped noses. A Bleaker Predicklement follows on from the events of 2015's A Dreadly Business and it's "almost quadruple the size" of that outing, say developers Rumpus.

Mr Fiddle is a well-to-do adventurer with waistcoat and a bow tie who's fallen on hard times. Funding for expeditions has dried up so he's taken a job as a soap factory to make ends meet, but he soon gets caught up in a murder mystery and has to track down the killer. That involves trudging around the big smoke speaking to lots of suspicious folk, battling monsters and solving puzzles.

The puzzles look relatively simple, ranging from finding hidden object to sorting out a criss-cross of wires. Here's the trailer:

Although it's linked to the first episode Rumpus stay it can be played as a standalone game. The first episode got a good reception on Steam, for what it's worth.

Buy A Bleaker Predicklement on Steam for £8.79/11,99€/$11.99, which includes a 20% discount until the end of the month.

The developers released a freebie called Bertram Fiddle and the Inexplicable Meat Mound earlier this year, which showcased the art style for this game but is really nothing like it: instead of solving murders you're building monsters from cartoon pieces of meat. It's pretty fun to play around with, and here's a creature I just cobbled together. Isn't he cute?

meat picture

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