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Best Boomsday Decks - Hearthstone

The latest meta-busting Boomsday decks for Hearthstone.

The Boomsday Project was released just over a week ago at the time of publishing the new version of this article, and since then we've been working furiously to update all of our existing Hearthstone deck guides. On top of that, we have of course been busy creating even more guides for the new archetypes that have started to spring up in the new meta.

In our ever-evolving collection of the best Boomsday decks, you'll find a huge number of deck lists that have been created by some of the world's finest Hearthstone players. We've got a massive selection of guides for you to tuck into, and we think there should be something to suit all playstyles in this latest update.

In some of our guides we've simply inserted a new deck list at the top of the page. That'll help you get stuck into the latest version of each deck. We're now in the process of fully converting every last one of them, so stay tuned for updates.


We've fleshed out even more of our leading Hearthstone deck guides, and separated decks into those that are performing well in the meta, and those that are currently leaving something to be desired. We'll continue refining this list and updating even more guides over the coming weeks!

Best Druid Boomsday Decks

Malygos Druid is probably the strongest option for the hero right now, although Token Druid isn't too far behind at all. Togwaggle Druid is proving extremely strong since the addition of Dreampetal Florist, and Taunt and Big Druid are also performing pretty well.

Meta Decks

As fun as Mecha'thun Druid is to play, it's not quite competitive at the moment although we're keeping a close eye on it. The much-hyped Treant Druid has also proved weaker than the more broadly-focused Token deck that's listed above.

Experimental Decks

Best Hunter Boomsday Decks

Spell Hunter is looking like the best option right now, although Big (or Recruit) Hunter is also a solid option, as is Secret Hunter. We're keeping Deathrattle and Mech Hunter as separate archetypes for now, but we suspect one will win out over the other before too much longer.

Meta Decks

Pure Bomb Hunter is struggling to make much of an impact, but perhaps a couple of further tweaks will see it nudged up into the list above.

Experimental Decks

Best Mage Boomsday Decks

To no-one's great surprise Tempo Mage is looking extremely strong thanks to the addition of those spell-damage boost cards. Otherwise look to Control (Big) Mage for a competitive climb, or even Elemental Mage. That latter deck could still use a little more oomph though, we think.

Meta Decks

Exodia Mage is seeing some play at the moment, and there's even been an attempt or two to revive Freeze Mage. Hand Mage has not taken off in the new meta, however. Perhaps further experimentation will bring this one to life in time?

Experimental Decks

Best Paladin Boomsday Decks

Odd Paladin is by far and away the hero's strongest option right now, which is a pity given its dominance in the previous meta. Still, there's always Mech Paladin if you want to play with something new in the Boomsday set.

Meta Decks

Secret Paladin has been revived once again, but it's struggling to punch at its weight in the new meta. We'll keep tracking this one for as long as it's being played, but it's very much a case of third place for this one.

Experimental Decks

Best Priest Boomsday Decks

Rather surprisingly, it's Mecha'thun Priest that's proving the hero's most powerful option right now. Hopefully some of the more experimental decks will make their way into this list before too long.

Meta Decks

There are lots of experimental options for the Priest to play with right now, and we wouldn't be surprised to see a few of these make it into the list above in the next update.

Experimental Decks

Best Rogue Boomsday Decks

An entirely unchanged Odd Rogue deck looks like the best archetype for the hero right now, although a shuffle-based Tempo Rogue is also proving solid. Deathrattle and Miracle Rogue are also seeing a lot of play, but Pogo-Hopper Rogue only just squeaks into the list with a positive win-rate.

Meta Decks

Malygos Rogue has been attempted before and it's been attempted again in Boomsday. It's not quite striking the right notes at the moment though, and will likely need a fair bit of revision before it becomes consistent enough for the competitive ladder.

Experimental Decks

Best Shaman Boomsday Decks

Even Shaman is proving to be an absolute powerhouse in the new meta, so be sure to check it out if this is your hero of choice. Token Shaman is still very good, and a re-worked tempo version of Shudderwock Shaman is also strong (we're just in the process of updating that guide). Finally, Elemental Shaman is seeing some competitive play.

Meta Decks

Here are a handful of decks that are being tinkered with on a strictly experimental basis. We'll see if they can move up to the main list in the coming weeks.

Experimental Decks

Best Warlock Boomsday Decks

Zoo's dominating the meta at the moment, so be sure to take that out for a spin if you're a fan of the archetype. Otherwise Control Warlock is a solid option, with Cubelock and Even Warlock not too far behind at all.

Meta Decks

Mecha'thun Warlock is proving a little tricky to consistently pull off, but it's great fun to play and you should definitely check it out if you have the cards and haven't done so yet.

Experimental Decks

Best Warrior Boomsday Decks

It's a case of more of the same-old for Warrior, with the exception of Mech Warrior which we're just about to update with a new list.

Meta Decks

Only Mecha'thun Warrior provides a truly new flavour on the experimental side of things, and it's a good deal trickier to pull off than it is with other heroes.

Experimental Decks

If you do want to get a taste of all the new stuff without hammering your wallet, then you can take a look through our budget Boomsday decks instead.

If you're up for a real challenge, our Whizbang the Wonderful deck list guide contains everything you need to know about the Deck Recipes on offer. We're also rounding up a collection of Mecha'thun deck lists if you're in it for the memes.

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