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Best Cold War loadout: top-tier classes for different weapons

Find the best loadout Cold War has to offer

What is the best Call Of Duty: Cold War loadout? These sorts of questions are very hard to answer in games like Cold War, where not only do you have a wide variety of weapons, but each weapon can also be customised with five or eight out of several dozen attachments. The right weapon loadout can completely change the nature of a weapon, and it can be pretty daunting to try and figure out the best attachment combinations yourself. But fear not! Our Best Cold war loadout guide will walk you through some of the most powerful class setups for various top-tier weapons in Black Ops: Cold War so you can try them out for yourself.

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What is the best Cold War loadout?

The best Cold War loadout is a very subjective thing, because most players have slightly different preferences when it comes to which gun and which attachments feel and work best with their playstyle. My eventual aim with this guide is to give you one top-tier loadout for every weapon in Black Ops: Cold War, starting with some of the most popular, current-meta guns such as the MP5, AK-47, and Pelington 703. Click the links below to head to our full loadout guide for each weapon.

MP5 loadout

The MP5 has very quickly risen to the top of the popularity list in terms of Cold War weapons. Fast-firing, accurate, and familiar to COD veterans, the MP5 also serves as an outstanding base from which to create a phenomenal close-range shredder - if you have the right attachments. Our MP5 loadout focuses on upping the range and velocity of the SMG's bullets, along with a host of handling improvements such as increased ADS and Sprint-To-Fire speeds.

Learn more about the Best MP5 class in Cold War here!

M16 loadout

The M16 is a strong contender for the best weapon in Black Ops: Cold War. Capable of killing an enemy in a single three-shot-burst, this gun is a powerful rifle at any range, particularly the way we kit it out. Our M16 loadout prioritises damage range and recoil control to help you land those triple-headshots, along with enormously fast aim walking movement speed to keep you a moving target while you shoot.

Learn more about the Best M16 class in Cold War here!

AK-47 loadout

The ever-popular AK-47 packs a punch at close-to-medium ranges, boasting the highest damage per shot of any Assault Rifle in Cold War. It's a great weapon to begin with, which is why we've found the best approach is to provide a balance of different benefits, from damage range to recoil to handling, and very few downsides at all.

Learn more about the Best AK-47 class in Cold War here!

Krig 6 loadout

The Krig 6 only just beats out the AK-47 in our books (take a look at our Best Assault Rifle in Cold War guide for more details!). Despite its lower damage, the Krig's superior accuracy and bullet velocity gives us a fantastic base from which to construct a veritable laser. Our loadout minimises the Krig's recoil and further boosts its range, allowing you to beam enemies at sniper distances.

Learn more about the Best Krig class in Cold War here!

Pelington 703 loadout

The Pelington is the most popular sniper rifle in Black Ops: Cold War at the moment, and it's easy to see why. It boasts the best handling stats in its class, without sacrificing the ability to one-shot-kill an enemy to the head or chest. Our Pelington loadout increases the rifle's damage, fire rate, and bullet velocity, along with a boost to ADS and Sprint-To-Fire times to help you quickly acquire and eliminate your target.

Learn more about the Best Pelington class in Cold War here!

That's all we've got so far when it comes to the best Cold War loadouts, but keep checking back, because we'll be adding more and more guns over the next couple of weeks! In the meantime, why not also check out our Cold War weapon stats guide to view and compare the base stats of every weapon?

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