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The best Dyson Sphere Program Calculator to use while planning your factory

Use this Dyson Sphere Program Calculator to help plan out your factories

Playing Dyson Sphere Program with any thought to correct ratios and high efficiency means you'll have great need for a calculator. As with similar games such as Factorio and Satisfactory, already multiple Dyson Sphere Calculators have sprung up across the interwebs, attempting to make planning out new parts of your factory as pain-free as possible.

But which is currently the best Dyson Sphere Program Calculator out there? Which calculator is the most complete, and the easiest to use? We'll go over our answer to these questions below.

What is a Dyson Sphere Program Calculator?

While playing a factory-building game like Dyson Sphere Program, it becomes quite important to have at least a passing knowledge of certain ratios and calculations. You can absolutely play and enjoy the game without this knowledge, simply placing smelters or assemblers until you see you have enough of something; but efficiency is paramount in the minds of many a player, and so the demand for a good, strong, easy to use Dyson Sphere Program Calculator is born.

The way most calculators for these kinds of games work is this: you pick an item (or items) that you want to produce, and specify how many of each item you want to produce every second, or minute. Then, the calculator will work out exactly how much of each material you'll need to create your chosen products, burrowing right down to the absolute raw resources required. More comprehensive calculators will also show you how many buildings of each type you'll need, the energy required to power it all, the recipes to use, and so on. It's marvellous.

An example of a Dyson Sphere Program Calculator being used to show the raw materials required to make 2 Yellow Matrix Cubes per second.

Best Dyson Sphere Program Calculator

I'd love to say that it's a close call, but at the moment the clear best Dyson Sphere Program Calculator is the FactorioLab Calculator for Dyson Sphere Program (pictured above). This offshoot of the Factorio Calculator has been quickly and very nearly perfectly set up with all the recipes and items for Dyson Sphere Program, and it works like a charm.

What puts FactorioLab's DSP Calculator in the top spot is its wonderfully easy to use interface. It's very customisable, allowing you to change how the information is presented both in list format and in the more visual flow format (below). You can easily disable or enable any of the 29 recipes in its database to make sure the information is tailored to exactly the process you want. For example, in the Yellow Matrix Cubes example above, I've disabled the X-Ray Cracking recipe because I want to create my Graphite through coal instead. It was a quick and easy process to make the calculator take this exact route towards the final product.

The FactorioLab Dyson Sphere Program Calculator can toggle between List view and Flow view at will.

The other major rival Dyson Sphere Program Calculator at the moment is the DSP Wiki Calculator. But at the time of writing, this calculator is suffering from a fair few bugs which affects its ease of use, and a lot of items aren't yet supported. I have no doubt that these problems will be fixed in time, but from what I can see, even when it is as comprehensive as the FactorioLab Calculator, it still wouldn't meet the standards set by the excellent and intuitive interface of FactorioLab's Calculators.

As a side-note though, the Dyson Sphere Program Wiki itself is by far the superior Wiki at the moment, and it's every bit as invaluable a resource as a good calculator.

That wraps up this quick guide to the best Dyson Sphere Program Calculator that currently exists. Now, why not brush up on your knowledge of the game with our guides on finding Titanium and Sulfuric Acid?

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