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The best gaming keyboard deals: Logitech, Razer, Roccat and more

Get switched on to the sweetest deals on gaming keyboards around the web

Buying a new keyboard isn’t always as simple as it should be, especially in this age of online shopping (and respiratory illness pandemics, don’t forget those) where it’s harder than ever to try before you buy. Still, you can at least ensure that when you do buy, you're getting a bargain. Just use this handy guide to the best gaming keyboard deals on the market, created and curated by RPS’ biggest mechanical switch nerds.

Speaking of which, we generally recommend mech keyboards for their satisfying feel and higher durability, but for some even thriftier options there are cheaper-than-cheap membrane models here too. If you’re relatively new to the intricacies of key-mashing tech, don’t worry – we’ve explained all our choices, and what qualities you can expect from the keyboards themselves.

Read on for the full list, and if you’re also in need of a new mouse to go with your shiny new keyboard, you can have a browse through our picks of the best gaming mouse deals too.

The best gaming keyboard deals (UK):

The Roccat Vulcan has a deserved spot atop our best gaming keyboard picks. Roccat's own Titan switches combine the silky smooth feel of a Cherry MX Reds with a shorter actuation point for a lustrous combination of speed and tactility, as well as RGB lighting and a sleek aluminium chassis. Unlike the Vulcan 120, the 100 model doesn't come with a wrist rest, but but this is the lowest price I've seen a full-size Vulcan hit so far.

While this isn't the lowest price that the Cynosa Lite has dropped to, you're unlikely to get more keyboard for less. The Cynosa Lite packs an impressive amount of functionality into a budget package, letting you rebind keys, assign macros, and personalise the backlighting.

A higher-end keyboard, the G915 Lightspeed Wireless comes with an aluminium frame, oleophobic keycap coating, and dedeciated keys for both game macros and media controls. Its Lightspeed tech also lends it the equivalent responsiveness of a wired keyboard. It also offers three different switch types: clicky, linear, and tactile. This deal is for the tactile switch version; you'll need to spend an extra £8 for clicky keys.

Razer's hybrid optical-mechanical switches combine the satisfying touch of mechanical switches with even greater responsiveness, derived from the use of light sensors for actuation. The Huntsman Elite combines this switch tech with with a multifunctional digital dial, three media keys, and a detachable leatherette magnetic wrist rest.

The K65 Mini compresses the sturdiness of a corsair keyboard into a more portable tenkeyless package. Its Cherry MX Reds provide smooth keypressing action, while the detachable USB cord makes it that much easier to pack away when on the go.

The ROG Strix Flare's highly customisable RGB lighting lets you tweak lighting settings down to individual keys. Thanks to its Cherry MX Red switches, t's also a robust and dependable mechanical keyboard with an elegant design to complement its technicolour light-show. Is it out of date, now that the ROG Strix Flare II has released? Maybe, but when this deal drops the price to half of what the newer model costs, that's hardly worth troubling yourself with.

A mechanical keyboard that balances functionality with both comfort and style, the Roccat Pyro boasts TTC mechanical switches that provide smooth keystrokes, alongside media controls built into its Fn key and a volume dial for convenient audio control. It's an great choice if you want a proper mechanical keyboard without the usual expense.

If the Corsair K65 seems a bit pricey for a tenkeyless board, then the Apex 3 TKL is a fine alternative. You may lose your mechanical switches for membrane alternatives, but you gain a IP32 water-resistant board, helping to mitigate any accidental drink spillages.

The best gaming keyboard deals (US):

The Corsair K65 RGB Mini gives you a typically robust Corsair keyboard, but with a space-saving tenkeyless design. It features RGB lighting (obviously), classic MX Red switches, and a handily detachable USB-C cable.

The EVGA Z12 doesn't have the best build quality, but even so it's a respectable board for its incredibly low price: there's fully reprogrammable keys, zonal RGB backlighting, and even IP32-rated spill resistance. Not a bad little package for the cash.

This tenkeyless version of the G915 Lightspeed Wireless is all about conserving space on your desk, combining an ultra-slim, tenkeyless design with wireless connectivity. The compact build and responsive Lightspeed capabilities mean a heavier price tag, but $43 off ain't too shabby.

One of the sleekest full-size mechanical keyboards around, the Razer Huntsman Elite comes with optical switches for lightspeed, light-touch typing and gaming. Sweetending the deal are dedicated media controls, a multifunctional dial, and full RGB backlighting. It even has snazzy underglow LEDs along the front of the wrist rest.

A rock-solid keyboard with extensive customisation options, Razer's Blackwidow V3 features Razer's linear Yellow mechanical switches for a lighter keystroke, alongside fully customisable RGB backlighting, and macros that can be set to any key.

The Huntsman Mini chops out both the tenkeys and the arrow keys for an ultra-compact design, but retains Razer's trademark build quality and extensive customisation, with per-key backlighting and macro-programmable keys.

One more Razer keyboard for the road, eh? The Cynosa Chroma is one of the best membrane keyboards around, which a more crisp and responsive feel than most rubber dome designs can manage, and at this reduced price it's even more of a steal.

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