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The best gaming mouse deals, including Logitech and Razer

Mouse deals to make you squeak with joy

Buying a new mouse is about more than how accurate it is or how many buttons it has. It's about finding a mouse that's the right fit for your hand. You don't want to be cramping up your fingers trying to grip a mouse that's too small or big, or struggling with a shape that's isn't designed for your dominant hand. The feel of a mouse is as important as the fit, too. You're obviously going to be touching it a lot, so you want something with a comfortable texture and a click that feels right beneath your precious little fingers.

This, combined with technical specifications and whether or not to go wired or wireless means there's an awful lot to consider, and that's before you factor in price. So to prevent you feeling cheesed off with your little desk rodent, we've put together a list of the best deals on PC gaming mice currently around. There's something for everyone below, at a wide range of prices, so be sure to browse through the various options, and don't get trapped with a mouse that's going to bite your hand.

The best gaming mouse deals (UK):

The Logitech G502 Hero

Our pick for the best gaming mouse overall offers a tantalising combination of comfort, feel and customisation options. The G502 Hero includes removable weights that can be swapped out to adjust the mouse's feel on the desk, and eleven programmable buttons. Even the feel of left- and right-clicking is lovely.

A fantastic budget option, the Logitech G203 Lightsync has a sleek design that balances style and comfort, along with a lightweight frame and impressive functionality. It has two programmable buttons on the left side, while the RGB strip light that wraps around the rear of the mouse is a particularly snazzy touch.

If you're a palm-gripper who prefers a weightier mouse, the Corsair Ironclaw is the one for you. With a max DPI of 18,000 and 10 programmable buttons, and a sleek curved design, the Ironclaw offers a great balance of flexibility and comfort. Currys also has it for a pretty sweet deal too. Not only do you get £25 off the base price, you can get a further £15 off by using the code "GAMING 30" at the checkout, bringing the price down to £35.

Razer's premium wireless mouse is currently a third off (more or less) on eBuyer. The Basilisk Ultimate features optical wireless tech that Razer claims is "faster than wired gaming mice", alongside twelve programmable buttons and and 15 customisable RGB lighting zones. A fantastic price for a fantastic mouse.

Our top pick for the best ambidextrous mouse, the Viper's design caters to both left and right handed players. It's also one of the lightest mice on this list, making it ideal for players who prefer minimal resistance when dragging their mouse around the desk. The sleek-looking white version of the mouse is currently better than half price at Amazon.

Another excellent ambidextrous mouse, the Sensei Ten is designed with adaptability in mind. Its TrueMove Pro sensor is built for reliable tracking on any surface, while it also features tilt-tracking technology for "stabilization during intense gameplay," making it perfect for playing while...on a boat, I guess? Or during an earthquake? Anyway, it's currently down to £40 at Amazon, which is not a bad price at all.

Less of a mouse and more of a MMOuse, the Razer Naga Trinity is designed specifically for multiplayer gaming. With its swappable side plates, it can equip up to 19 inputs at once, making it ideal for MMO or MOBA players who require lots of macro commands. Its other plates add flexibility for less button-centric games, letting you tailor it specifically to your needs.

The best gaming mouse deals (US):

It may be a little long in the tooth now, but the original DeathAdder is still a perfectly good gaming mouse, especially at this price. It doesn't have some of the functionality of other mice on this list, but it's sleek, comfortable to hold, and built to last.

  • EVGA X17 - $29.99 at Newegg (was $79.99)

An unusual mouse both stylistically and ergonomically, the EVGA X17 has a narrow width and distinctive slanted design suited to smaller hands, while its bespoke sniper buttons give away an FPS specialisation. It also features adjustable polling up to 8,000Hz for smoother response times and greater accuracy. If you fancy something a little different, you can grab it for $30 over at Newegg.

A great US price for the special edition of our - and RPS readers' - favourite gaming mouse. The only difference between the G502 Hero and G502 SE Hero is the styling, the SE being patterned with silver throughlines as opposed to the standard model's all-black finish. You still get the adjustable weights, the customisable RGB light sync, and the oh-so-satisfying click mechanism.

If the original DeathAdder is a bit old-hat for you, Logitech's G203 Lightsync offers similar performance at a similar price. It has fewer buttons than the DeathAdder, but a slightly higher max DPI. It's also a good deal lighter than the DeathAdder, and features a flatter, more rounded design better suited to palm grips.

If you really want to treat yourself, you can get the wireless version of Razer's ambidextrous mouse, with a charging dock, for a smidge over $90. It's a super-light wirless mouse too, only 5 grams heavier that the wired model.

As well a ridiculous 25,000 DPI sensitivity on maximum settings, the G604 Lightspeed also comes equipped with 15 buttons, both Bluetooth and Logitech's proprietary Lightspeed connectivity, and a dual-action mousewheel that supports both hyperfast and ratcheted scrolling. It isn't the prettiest mouse in the world, but it's extra in almost every other regard, and a steal at $45.

The wireless version of the G502 is considerably more expensive than its wired brethren. But if you want the finest of gaming mice while minimising the number of wires snaking behind your desk, you can currently get it $40 off at Gamestop.

Yet another member of our best gaming mouse rankings, The G Pro is even lighter than the DeathAdder V2, and combines that with Logitech's lickety-split Lightspeed wireless tech and a Hero 16k DPI sensor. It also has a sleek, understated design for players who don't want too much flash on their desktop. The only oddity is the DPI button being on the bottom of the mouse, which is unusual, but by no means a deal-breaker.

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