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Best Krig 6 loadout and class setup in Warzone

The best Krig 6 setup for Warzone

The Krig 6 is a solid, dependable assault rifle that doesn’t excel at anything, but certainly won’t let you down in a gunfight. Its recoil pattern is easy to control, hits fairly hard, and most importantly, has plenty of customisation options to make it a viable Warzone weapon. In this guide I’ll explain how to set the Krig 6 up for Warzone, with explanations for each of the attachments used.

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Best Krig 6 loadout in Warzone

Below I’ve put together a rundown of the five attachments you need to get the best Krig 6 loadout in Warzone:

  • Muzzle: Suppressor
  • Barrel: 19.7'' Ranger
  • Underbarrel: Foregrip
  • Magazine: STANAG 60 Rnd
  • Optic: Sillix Holoscout
  • Laser: No change
  • Stock: No Change
  • Rear Grip: No change

I’ve opted for the Sillix Holoscout scope as it provides a great mixture of range, clarity, and doesn’t skimp on ADS Speed. I’ve gone for the 19.7” Ranger barrel as it’ll help you hit your targets with more immediacy thanks to its bullet velocity-boosting capabilities.

The Foregrip is a boring but solid addition that’ll reduce horizontal sway when you’re firing for a prolonged period of time. Meanwhile the 60 round mag will help you take on multiple enemies without the need for reloading.

A Suppressor reduces your damage range, but it does mean you won’t appear on the radar whenever you fire off a shot. This will help tremendously if you want to stay hidden, or are looking to get your flank on a take a squad by surprise.

Secondary weapon

If you’ve opted for the Overkill Perk I’d highly recommend equipping an SMG or Shotgun to help you take on enemies at close range. Ideally you want something that’s snappy to handle and will shred enemies in seconds. The MP5, AK74u, or the likes of the Gallo will do the job nicely. Honestly, you can’t go too wrong here.

If you’re not taking Overkill, then I’d suggest grabbing the Diamatti pistol as it’s able to fire off three round bursts.

Best Krig 6 loadout with Perks and Equipment

You’ll need a strong selection of Perks and Equipment to make your Warzone Krig 6 loadout. Here are my recommendations:

  • Perk 1: Cold Blooded/Double Time/EOD
  • Perk 2: Overkill/Ghost
  • Perk 3: Amped
  • Lethal: C4/Semtex
  • Tactical: Stun Grenade

I know I’ve not been definitive here, but I think it depends a lot on your playstyle. Cold Blooded is great for those who like being sneaky, while Double Time and EOD will help really help you out when it comes to pushing enemies, evading them, or simply holding strong positions.

For Perk 2, Overkill and Ghost are clearly the best two offerings. Overkill allows you to equip a primary weapon in your secondary weapon slot, which means you can wield an SMG or Shotgun to fill that close range gap. If you’re happy with just a pistol, or are banking on picking up a secondary from a Loadout Drop or ground loot, then Ghost will keep you hidden from UAVs.

There’s not much to say about Amped, other than it lets you swap your weapons super fast, which is perfect for Warzone’s varied gunfights.

C4 and Semtex (even Frag Grenades if you’re not a fan of the bleeping) are the strongest of the lethal bunch. C4 can demolish vehicles easily, and can be flung through a window to deal big damage to a group of camping enemies. Semtex and Frag Grenades aren’t quite as powerful, but they’re good options if you’re after something that’s easy to fling.

Onto Stun grenades, my favourite tactical equipment. Hit someone with one of these and they’ll be disoriented for ages. I’m talking, quite literally, not being able to move. Trust me, they’re outrageously good for any occasion.

And that wraps up our guide to the best Krig 6 class loadout we've found so far in Call Of Duty: Warzone. But we've got plenty more Warzone guides for you to peruse! Why not start with our best Warzone guns guide?

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